Discussion tips

Enemy Bomb Incoming.

Stay the hell away from me when you hear that call out- players are looking for people bunched together. The amount of times I’m trying to run away from a teammate and he’s on my ass after the enemy bomb incoming call out is maddening!

Place your Concussion Mine on the door of the ship at the start.

On any koth map you can place your mine at the start like so: http://imgur.com/H8B8hPwBefore the game starts you get another mine off cooldown. You can then use the door mine to jump and then chain another one. This gets you faster to the middle and it's especially useful on some maps (exception being the indoor part of Leijang Tower, as you would hit the wall above the gate with the second jump).

If you have a laptop you seldom use but occasionally need on set or in meetings, turn it on the night before to make sure it doesn't run an unexpected auto update upon firing up.

This has happened to me twice with my piece of shit Lenovo y50. It made one meeting awkward as this computer works great 50% of the time and others takes forever to load. DIT took way longer another time as it decided to do its update at the end of the day. If your reason to fire it up is simply to turn off auto update settings, just make sure you do that the day before. Don't be like me.

Shoot the parachute on your care package and it will automatically fall.

Ever get tired of waiting so long for your care package you die? Well with one simple shot into the parachute it will automatically fall.

When you find a poster of a recipe, snap a photo with your Sheikah Slate.

You can flip to and from your Sheikah Slate while holding ingredients, making cooking real recipes incredibly easy.

How to use the Tool Belt effectivly.

Holding L1 (weapon wheel) allows you to cycle your tool belt in slow motion. This will make it A LOT easier to make use of resistance potions, health potions and traps in combat.To remain mobile while cycling through your items use dodge while holding L1. This will allow you a little bit of time to change your current item in between dodges. This technique is especially useful with the Long Dodge ability. Hope it helps! I played an embarrassing amount of hours before I realized this...

Do not shield sleeping allies!.

I've been there many times before; my ally gets slept mid team fight and my instant reaction as Zarya is to pop a bubble on them straight away. DON'T DO IT! In doing this, you are helping the enemy team by ensuring your ally stays asleep for as long as possible. Instead, just keep an eye on them. The enemy will try to co-operate and burst the sleeping target down. It's your job to shield immediately after the first chunk of damage has been dealt but before they can complete the combo and do enough damage to eliminate your team mate. TL;DR: Don't shield sleeping teammates as Zarya! EDIT: .... or maybe do.Zarya shields are tricky to get right. Situational awareness is key.

Aaron Brothers Framing are closing all stores and merging with Michaels, so they will be clearing out their store inventory at discounts. Good time to stock up on frames.

The rep on the phone said they will be getting inventory from their warehouses until it's all gone, and the official closure dates will be late May or June. Right now everything's 40% off, plus additional deals on custom framing. So if you want cheap frames, keep an eye out on Aaron Brothers.

Preview your 3,000BP facelift.

If you want to spend 3k out of your 30k on a face lift. Don’t do it blind.1. From the main screen go back (B) to the Title Screen. (A) to confirm. 2. Once you get the title screen, press (A) to see The “Who are you?” prompt.3. Select “Add guest”4. You can build a new persona for free, just remember your exact selections before you go back to your main persona and apply them for 3,000BP

Press Triangle to skip dialogue without a click sound, hold Triangle to fly thru dialogues without fast forwarding scenes.