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Drinking and eating.

Hi guys,as mentioned before by some people, if you take a food or drink item in your hands and spam 'F' or middle mouse button until it tells you 'there is nothing left', you do not consume the entire item, just the first 'portion'. I've just figured that out by running around for 10 minutes after getting 'thirsty', I quick-consumed my entire canteen and it still said I was thirsty. I was still green-thirsty, so no, I didn't have to use more than a full canteen to get out of the danger zone. A full canteen restores 1000 water and if I remember correctly you start getting messages at 1000 or 1500, so I'd be getting more severe warnings if I had to consume more than a full canteen.Just wanted to share this with you guys as I haven't actually seen anyone coming up with an answer on the question.Good luck Surviving =]