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For those of you wanting to COMPLETLY uninstall Electra/Cydia do this as well!.

Apart from deleting any modifications outside of Library and MobileSubstrate and the respective files to go with (PreferenceLoader, PreferenceBundles) you also have your tweak preferences saved. Delectra wont delete these, nor will uninstalling substitute or anything. You must go into /var/mobile/Library/Preferences and delete all plists that arent GlobalSettings or com.apple.xxxx. I think there are some in there that may have weird names and I wouldnt delete those because Im not sure what theyre for. But most tweaks will have the name in the plist for the preferences. This will help for people who are trying to completely remove tweaks and their jailbreak in order to maybe fix a tweak that wasnt working before. Even erase all content and settings doesnt do this! Hope this helps if you fucked up a tweak or something.

If you have sudden fps drops, it is very likely you have enemies nearby.

Especially if you play in squads, the more players you have around, the lower your fps have a good day!

Train drivers also have a powerful weapon.

I thought all I could do was drive the train and blow the horn. If you press the switch weapon button you get this powerful artillery shell that can fire across the entire map.

Eat worms/raw meat as you’re boarding a ship.

Nothing like a little puke to blind your enemies

If you're playing Roadhog and you see an enemy Brigitte, get your fat ass out of there.

I love Total Mayhem, and one of my favourite heroes in that mode is Roadhog. Since the release of Brigitte, I have learned one thing:If she gets you in a Shield Bash, you're fucked.You cannot reload, you cannot heal more than 100HP and you cannot Whole Hog her away. You can hook if her shield is down, but why the hell would you wanna drag her towards you? All you can do is sit there, and wait for her to slowly burn through your 1200HP with her Tickle Flail and shield bashing.Stay safe, fellow Hogs.

FMJ Drakon will one-shot Rolling Thunder drones.

If you're going for Motherships or something and struggling, this can help achieve one if an enemy manages to get a Rolling Thunder.Simply point and snipe them out of the air. Each Rolling Thunder drone is worth 150 points. I take there's around 10 or 12 of them, so if you kill them all, you can easily get a Mothership.

Beat the guardian challenge by SACRIFICING THOSE YOU SWORE TO PROTECT

During enemy ball turret gunner, ride out the kill cam when killed for moar profitz.

Especially on shipment, I’ve seen it way to many times.. guys skipping kill cams just to keep dying... ride the kill cam out to infuriate Mr Requisitions.. Then go for the kill

You can place a chest IN a piece of furniture.

I came upon this by accident but I decided to transfer all the food in my fridge in a chest as I needed more space. There was already a lamp beside my fridge but conveniently I was able to place my chest within the lamp and use it as normal.