Discussion tips

If servers are full consider seeding an empty one or joining a lower populated one. I've seen enough people queuing to fill at least half a server.

And dont forget to tick the "show empty servers" box to see them too.

Using CocoaTop and FloatingDockPlus is a nifty way to monitor how CPU heavy an app is in real time

Put a deployable shield in a doorway and then put a Kapkan mine behind it.

I've been trying it with a friend over the last few games, and it works like a charm. No one expects to explode while jumping over a deployable shield. Worked 5 out of 8 times we tried it, not including matches where they didn't even go that way.

The front gun of a bomber has insane spotting capabilities.

I just figured this out playing a round of CQ on Fao. The front gun can light up the entire map with spotting. Just point it in a general vicinity, spam the spot button, and red dots pop up *everywhere.*How had I not heard of this until now?

Open your Journal while you wait for a fish to bite.

This pauses time**. Once you hear a bite, close your journal, and you will begin wrangling the fish. This eliminates a lot of wasted time while fishing. Definitely a bug, but use it while you can Edit: Doesn't work via Journal hotkey, have to click Journal button

You can destroy the phone box, even while the police are being called.

I can't say how many times I've seen a Jason player try to bum rush the person in the house to stop the call, only for it to happen anyway because he was too slow. In fact, I'm surprised not a lot of people even try to destroy the phone box, yet destroy power generators all the time.But yes, you can destroy it after the fuse was put in. It's actually a good idea to morph to the phone box so you have ample time to stop the call instead of shifting around the house trying to get in.

If you are a low level and have a friend with a yacht...

If you go in your friends yacht and go to the bedroom area you can get these weapons for free: -Homing Launcher-Proximity Mines-Heavy Sniper-Combat MG-Special CarbineYou can also change clothes on your friends yacht. Thought I would post this just in case some people didn't know.

Saving a Pick Ten Spot.

Realized last night as I was getting curb stomped on Genesis that you can avoid running scavenger if you suck really bad and always die before you unload half a clip of ammo. I should start one of those youtube channels.

Armor prevents self-damage from attacks as well as enemy attack damage.

Didn't really know if this was the case until I did a run with the hazard mechs but it does work. If you're intending to play a team with at least one significant backlash gun, Abe is a godsend.

Drones Can hide in Rook's armor vests.

Unfortunately I don't have any pictures or video of this...When you're searching for the objective in the beginning (or if you just throw one mid-game), you can hide your drone underneath the lid of Rook's armor vests he places down. You can get there going through the cover. Once you're there, you need to get a certain angle and you'll be able to see through the lid completely.Did this in a game and continued to spot the enemies. They acted very confused. Anyways, sorry for no picture or video. I'll edit it in next time I do it (or if someone else does it)