Discussion tips

Extradition - use secret stash of Jets at Sandy.

Ignore the base at the beginning of the mission and instead drive to Sandy Airfield. there, you will find 2 empty Jets that you can steal or destroy - IF you leave them they WILL activate and chase you down once you destroy the first plane.

Don't Get Caught Late Game Looting.

The best tip I have from my personal experience is to do your looting early in the game, first 2 circles. After that make due with what you have, and use other players as your source of loot. People who get greedy and can't pass up an opportunity to "loot just 1 more house", often times will put themselves in a bad positional situation. This game is just as much a strategy and positioning game as it is a shooter, perhaps even more so. Getting good positioning in the circle can often times be more important than continuing to loot.

Listen to whole albums...

Not just singles. When I was younger I use to just listen to singles or a few of the greatest hits song. But ever since I have been starting to collect vinyl, my music library has broaden up and now I have to listen to albums not just one track..

Use left clicks to gain speed.

So, something that might seem quite obvious, but is definitely under-used by many Pharahs, myself included, is using left clicks to gain forward speed (similar to a zarya looking at the floor and right clicking to gain speed). If you don't know what i mean, here's a clip, demonstrating it.https://clips.twitch.tv/CharmingThirstySwanVoHiYoMake sure you have adequate heals before doing this, or you're gonna be stuck with low HP while in front of your tanks. Very useful if you have a Mercy or Zen

Use livestock to open doors when scary things are on the other side.

Http://imgur.com/a/B3BBdI needed to let some hostiles into my yard, where I had set up a firing squad for them. But who can we send to open the door? Turkey 04, of course. Set the door to "hold open", then create a zone just on the other side. Restrict an animal to that zone, and they run as fast as they can to get through the door.I was preparing a lavish funeral for the turkey, with a bed of mashed potatoes and some cranberry jelly. Although he managed to survive, this time.

Turn your bloom off and watch your accuracy skyrocket.

High Noon doesn't always have to kill.

If an enemy is obviously going to get behind cover during your high noon use it to deal damage and get enemy's health low that you can still clean up with a left click. I've seen far too many wasted high noons.

Left and right wing are on different axis then Libertarian and authoritarian for a reason.

Collapsing left and right to the same axis as authoritarian and Libertarian just makes an already oversimplified version of the political space even more inaccurate.We should be adding axis to better describe politics not removing them.

I have some advice on how to reduce the amount of items falling under the ground.

Well as you know when Jason grabs you and you die sometimes the items will spawn under the ground right? That can be a big problem obviously so I found out something that I never knew and none of my friends knew and that is you can drop items even when Jason picks you up. So if you are fast enough you can drop stuff like the fuse and ect without worrying about it going underground :) I hope this helps some people out I was shocked that I could do this

Talk in third person.