Discussion tips

Notch Arrows faster.

To notch additional arrows you Aim and hit r1To notch faster, Aim, hit r1, and release both...then repeatBy letting go of Aim, you cancel the "notch" animation and gain the additional arrowI do this with precision arrows to get them notched quickly

Do yourself a favor and teach your horse to swim!.

Crossing rivers on horseback is so much faster than swimming across. Makes exploring so much easier/faster.

If you are climbing up a ledge, and see an enemy, you can press S (or your backwards key) to climb down before you pull yourself up.

It does not work for vaulting, but it has saved me a couple of times climbing.

When on the attacking team at Numbani you can see outside the door from the char select screen.

Sorry if this is a repost. Just noticed this the other day when I caught a Bastion and Junkrat setting up outside the door. I wouldn't have seen them otherwise. The background camera for the char select is real-time.Edit: Picture of what I mean (just for example, no red team here)

You can hold shift + right click to buy in groups of 5 really fast.

Helped save me time when buying 700+ potato seeds (and strawberries soon)!

Look up your local football/basketball/hockey/etc. team's schedules and create events to flyer the fans prior to games.

It only takes a few minutes. Look up the schedules and make all of the events for the respective home game dates at the same time. Simply being the organizer does not exactly require that you attend each and every event in case you're put off by the idea of having to be present for each one. Certainly, it would be great if you were present for all of them but, from what I've noticed, much of what is needed is simply getting the events made. As an organizer, you can then send e-mails out to those who RSVP and ask for a volunteer to be a "point person" if you're unable to attend. As an organizer, think of your role as a facilitator. By creating a healthy amount of events, you're facilitating engagement among Bernie supporters in your community.

Put your Aether Compass on your hot bar.

Luckily I realized early on, save opening up key items everytime.

You can steal off Beatrix (ELT).

I don't know exactly why, but if you have a stealer on your team, you can steal three mythril blades frim her. Maybe it's worth selling them, idk, but I have no idea WHY she have that on her.

Use your spare Sullys and Arthurs for free Sword/Lance counters.

At three stars, Sully can pass Sapphire Lance, Draw Back, and Swordbreaker 1. Arthur can pass Emerald Axe, Swap, and Lancebreaker one. You’d be surprised at how easy units like Oscar and Lancina and Ayra and Sigurd fall to a gem weapon plus a breaker. Very often they’ll be doing 2 or 3 damage and you’ll be one rounding them.Just keep your effective units in mind in general. Female Robin completely shuts down Reinhardt, Raigh is a good counter against Cecilia, and Ursula is a good counter against Sigurd, Eldigan, and Xander. You can also pass Raourwolf to units like Lilina and Sophia for budget Lyn checks. Selena can be used to completely shut down Hector and Amelia and Est/Florina can beat units like Black Knight, Arden, and Zephiel.

Pressing 5 will switch to grenade, but pressing 5 multiple times toggles through grenade type.

Not sure how many were aware of second part, I've found it quite useful!