Discussion tips

If the train isn't yours, blow it up ASAP!.

Now that the round timer is gone the train can actually change the shape of the game dramatically. If it spawns at it isn't yours, throw everything you've got at it. The sooner you get rid of it the better for your team.

Instead of bribing the authorities for 15k, call Lester and remove your wanted levels for $450.

Ez pz deliveries

When the cops are coming, gather a "mob squad" as I call it to storm out as a group. With 2-3 stuns it's near impossible for Jason to stop you guys.

Police are by far the easiest way for counselors to win. If you have just 3 people even when the cops arrive, you all group up.You can legit just run down the road like a gangster mob squad and stun Jason as he tries to get one of you, then jog/sprint to the exit. Jason's only hope at this point is to lay a line of traps from left to right trying to block you out. Jason can't stop 2-3+ people with stuns.I know it's an individual scoring game, but when the police come it's time to move together. Otherwise Jason is just gonna teleport to the police exit and pick you off if you're alone (Unless you yourself have a stun)When there is about 2 minutes left for the cops to arrive, that's when you guys should start working together to group towards the exit.

You can charge your M1 by attacking Mei's icewall.

Just hold down m1 on an enemy icewall if you see one nearby for free charge and surprise your enemies with an already full charged beam.

Spawning at start of game.

This is a quick but a good one.Not spawning at main base during the start of the game is often hugely helpful for the team.Usually there isn't enough vehicle space for 36 men so more often than not you get people running to the objective which puts the forward squads at a disadvantage already.My biggest simple tip is to initiate squad dicipline and only get 3 or so squad members to spawn (including SL ofc) and take one vehicle to the objective to then put down a rally point for everyone else in the squad.This also stops all the faffing about at main waiting for disorientated people.Just my humble suggestion

Try to chillax between games!.

So you just had a frustrating or insanely hard game, and you want to instantly continue to queue to either continue the winstreak, or win after the loss.Don't do that, instead take a break after a comp game and refresh your mind, you'll play better when you are chilled than when you are tilted. Instead go do a fun arcade game and let the players who played with you last game queue to their next game, and only queue after your arcade game to get a fresh new queue full of new players. It helped me win games a lot when I had toxic players in my match, instead of queueing to the next match with them, I queue-dodged and had a much better game. Good luck climbing in comp!

Check Behind You If Someone's Asking For Healer.

When people get low, they'll retreat, which means they'll be behind you. Remember that.

Keep at least 1 copy of your units even if you think they're total junk.

I've wasted a lot of time and money on gacha games (most notably PAD). One thing that Ive noticed as a consistent trend is that old units get revamped. Sometimes, complete garbage tier units are given a change that boosts them right up to current meta S tier. This game is still new, so revamps probably won't happen for some time. Personally, I hope Nintendo adds some cool options like improved skills and possibly even reclassing for units. I personally am hoping for Lance cav. Ephraim someday. Good lord I loved Sacred Stones.

Slash any randoms that you can't trust in a lobby; this way they can't rage quit before the kill registers from a grab.

Way too many people quit before the animation is finished. If you're gonna leave, at least wait for the kill to count. For fucks sake people, this is Friday the 13th. You should've known you were going to die a considerable amount before you bought the damn game.