Dnd tips

Blur your meeting video background

If you use Teams for video meetings, this might sound familiar. Your home office is a mess and you need to join this video call. Two solutions for that: first off, you can use the Background Settings function (item 3 above) to blur your video background right on from the meeting setup or the meeting controls. The second solution is way more elegant : use a virtual background (we’ll go through the process later). If for some reason, the Background setting button seems inactive in the Meeting Setup panel; make sure you turn on your video camera first.

Stop the echo in Teams meetings

When you and other meeting participants join an audio or video Teams meeting from the same room, you will hear annoying echoes. You can easily get rid of the echo by hitting the Audio off button in the Meeting Setup panel (show above as item 4).

Record your meeting

One important capability of Teams that you might want to use from the get-go is the ability to record a meeting. You can initiate a recording from the Meeting control panel as shown below. The recording itself is then kept in Microsoft Stream, and you can easily share the recording as a link in a Channel conversation (or by email if needed). Once the meeting is done, you’ll receive an email with a link to your recording in Microsoft Stream. If you initiated your meeting from the channel, a link to the recording will be also made available as a post in the respective channel. Ad-hoc meetings recordings will be available in the Chat tab for the meeting itself, alongside with an file exchanged, meeting notes and whiteboard if used. You might as well consider adding the Stream app to your channel so fellow members, can easily access all meetings pertaining to the group.


From my experience, it appears that PvP is the quickest way to level up your character.Actually, it provides much more EXP than dungeon runs, I’m not sure how much EXP you get, but I can tell you that the higher your level, the more EXP you get.

Hero’s Bullion

Last Currency of the Game, can be used to buy items in the Hero’s Bullion Shop. How to Get Hero’s Bullion? You can get Hero’s Bullion when you complete a Hero Dungeon, Combining 4 different Continent Pearls = 1 Hero’s Bullion, or Combining 10 Hero’s Bullion Fragment = 1 Hero’s Bullion.(When you successfully completed the Hero Dungeon, it will give you 1 Hero’s Bullion and 1-2 Hero’s Bullion Fragment. But if you failed your Hero Dungeon it will only give you 1-2 Hero’s Bullion Fragment.)


Third Currency of the Game, also used to buy items via Shop in VP and CoordiShop(aka Avatar Shop or Visual Shop). How to Get VP? You can earn VP every time you start a new character by doing the Growth Mission a total of 2.1k VP, or buying it with real money.


Second Currency of the Game, only used to buy items in Shop in it’s specific Tab. How to Get PP? PP can only be obtained by attendance, everyday GrandChase Classic Attendance gives you PP after you play GrandChase for 30mins.


Main Currency of the Game, it can be used to buy items in Shop, as well as to craft items along with the materials. How to Get GP? You can get GP by selling untimed items, or through events, or by completing dungeons. When doing dungeons GP can be picked up by defeating monsters. Silver Coin = 10GP while Gold Coin = 50GP.

High-Quality Pet Food

The High-Quality Pet Food item, gives 6000 repletion points each. How to get High-Quality Pet Food? The same with Pet Food only acquired via The Shop in VP(Cash Shop) tab, for 500VP. Do I recommend buying Pet Food or High-Quality Pet Food?For me, No. Unless you just want to burn some money to the game.

Pet Food

The Pet Food item, gives 3000 repletion points each. How to get Pet Food? You can only get Pet Food via The Shop in VP(Cash Shop) tab, for 300VP.