Dnd tips


Gem can also be use to feed your pet, giving 200 repletion points per Gem. How to get Gem? You can get Gems in dungeons, quests, and Shop for 1000 GP per Gem. *Note:It is recommended to use Gems as pet food since you can easily earn a lot of GP as you progress through the game. A F2P Player’s Pet Food Item.


Crystal can be used to feed your pet, giving 150 repletion points per Crystal. How to get Crystal? You can get Crystal when defeating bosses in dungeon. (Some boss in dungeons only yield 1 Crystal.) Where to farm Crystal? You can farm Crystals in Trail Forest, because there’s only 3 stages which is easy to finish.The other Dungeon you can farm is in île de Frost Continent : Arachne’s Nest.(If you are going to farm Crystals it is best to do solo than Co-op, because if you are going to farm Crystals with other players you will have to roll the dice on who’s going to get the Crystal.)*Note:It is not recommend to use Crystal as food for your pet, because if you are think of crafting you will need to use Crystals to Craft Gears, Accessories and Weapons, which needs a lot of Crystals to make.

Start Cisco Webex Meetings from Teams

Microsoft and Cisco compete in the area in the area of Team communication and collaboration. Still, your company might be using both. Did you know that you can integrate Webex into your Teams Channel? There is a Webex app that you can easily add as into a Channel tab. The team members can then easily access their Webex meetings and join their own Webex meetings from Microsoft Teams. They are also able to schedule Webex meetings and have the Team notified via the Posts tab.

Integrate Trello in Teams

Many teams use Trello kanban boards for a myriad of collaboration use cases. Those could span ongoing task management as well as more strategic planning of projects, products or programs. You can easily open Trello as an App in Teams by adding it using the Apps tab to access your relevant boards and cards. You can also add it as a 3rd party tab in your channel. Both will require to provide your Trello user credentials.

Adding a Calendar

Visualizing and managing a shared calendar is probably another great potential usage for Teams. So far, Teams doesn’t provide a straightforward Outlook integration. That said, you can add a Website tab to your Teams channel and point to to either your your Outlook group Calendar or Google Calendar URL. Most probably users will need to input their user credentials in order to access the calendars.

Use Teams to manage employee shifts

if you manage a group of employees working in shifts in retail, call center or even a small factory, you can use Teams in order to plan and share work schedules. The Shifts application that you can easily add to Teams, makes it very simple to manage the shifts schedule, receive schedule requests for PTO, medical leave or vacations from your colleagues and even allow them to clock in and out their shifts. You can then create employee attendance reports are needed. Cool!

Search for Images in Teams

Another little known feature of Teams is that you can use it to search images in Bing. First off, go ahead and enable the Microsoft Images application in Teams. Then, in your search bar, just type @Images + your search query to access Bing pictures search.

Lookup you favorite quote directly in Teams

Another cool way to use Teams in to lookup your stocks portfolio. Here’s how to do that:

  • From the Apps tab, search and add the Stocks app into Teams.
  • Then, from the search box, type Stocks and then the relevant stocks ticker/s as shown below.
  • Once the Stocks application is enabled simply type the command @Stocks and the ticker in your search bar.

Embed a report in Teams

If your organization is using the Microsoft BI Platform, you can use Teams in order to distribute your reports. You can easily select and pin Power BI reports to a channel tab to ensure those are available to them for your data driven discussions.

Publish polls and surveys in Teams

One of the most useful usages of Teams is to run polls and surveys. In a matter of 10 minutes you can create a custom poll using Microsoft Forms, or other third party software like Polly and post them in your Teams channel. This tutorial has everything you need to create your custom Teams surveys.