Dnd tips

Have your superstitious friend pick which dice you roll.

I'm doing an online campaign with a buddy of mine and sometimes I need to make rolls in the background for stuff that happens off-screen.When you need to roll the dice, but you want your player to feel responsible for the result: have them pick the dice. I have two D20s. A big one and a normal sized one. As far as I can tell, both are fairly weighted. But by having my buddy pick which one I roll, I can have it on him when it rolls badly :D

Is math hard? Stop subtracting, use addition.

Subtraction when calculating damage is a fools errand. Having to borrow, visualizing the carrying of numbers, etc. Your mind has to switch gears for it and that means you no longer have your mind on the action at hand.Instead, add your damage up.As a DM, this means you can publically record damage as well, showing players how much damage a creature has taken, without having to reveal how much more they can take.

If your DM is making NPCs negative towards you because you are playing a rare or unusual race. Take notice of this by roleplaying trying to find the town collector,scholar, or obsession of foreign cultures. They tend to be well-to do and travel in social circles that matter to thegroup

Use LEGO Microfigures for miniatures, they work great and look awesome!.

Lately I have been using LEGO baseplates and LEGO microfigures for DnD battlemaps. They work great since they only take up one space and allow you to easily create a scene in no time. Anyone else done this before?

Brand name pharmaceuticals make good PC/NPC names.

Some recent ones I've come across:- Azelastine- Zaditor- Keytruda- Lantus- Faktu- Eucrisa

Use World of Warcraft dungeon / city maps for a quick encounter.

So I was browsing for maps online when it came to me that World of Warcraft has a ton of maps already drawn. An example of which can be found below.http://static.mmo-champion.com/mmoc/images/news/2009/february/AhnKahet0.jpgWith a bit of Photoshop to remove words and/or boss signs, you can have a perfect dungeon map with little to no work and there are TONS to choose from. Just add a grid or pop it into Roll20 and have the grid added for you.

Don't Put On Animated Armor.

So this happened a few sessions back. I'm still getting a hang of the whole DMing thing, so I wanted to throw some Scooby-Doo type monsters at my guys. Animated Armor, simple yet effective, both goofy and elegant. So I set up a spooky endless hallway with a bunch of obvious armor stands on either sides. Full plate stuff, right? They didn't cheap it out.One of my playersPutsItOnThe most tropey thing in the world, and our racist, dragonborn fighter slaps that shit on without a second thought. So I played around with him like a puppet until he broke free. An entertaining and not too harsh punishment for a durr moment.