Top 10 Dnd tips

Get Nagas Quickly

Nagas are Snake-Ladies and the only demons, other than Thalya, to have their own Research Slot (just above Hideout). And for good reason - they're the most useful demons in the game. They only have a little offensive capability, but their main purpose is: they're Healers. Simply keep them close to your attacking demons on the Overworld (but behind them so they don't get hit) and they'll automatically heal anyone getting hurt. They cost 100 Essence to unlock, and after that you should get 2 as soon as possible to add to your war party. With them on your team, as long as you've got a few fighters too you can attack pretty much any force and beat it - then just wait a few seconds and they'll heal your team (Thayla too) up completely. Essential. Note: They don't heal Undead, however.

Take A Mix Of Units To Raid The Overworld

You never need many, but never rely on one unit type - having a good mix is what wins the day. Your invading Evil force should consist of a) Thalya in the lead since she's the most powerful and self-heals, b) at least 4 Melee fighters of various types, like Goblin, Orc, Banshee etc, c) at least 2 Ranged fighters like Imps, and d) 2 Naga healers. Anything else is optional, and you certainly should try to have at least 2 of everything. I've got by on some maps with a lot more Ranged fighters, but you do need several Melee fighters to take any attacks at least. Don't try to get by with just Orcs.

Group Units For Easy Raiding

New to the Dungeons franchise is the essential ability, much requested as it's seen in every RTS ever, to Group units to the number keys. Select your units you want to group, press Ctrl + a number key, and now every time you press that number key you'll select all of those units! Furthermore if you press that key when they're in the Dungeon you'll pick up all those units! This makes getting your demons back to the Overworld a heck of a lot easier. My advice? Create four groups on keys 1-4 for each of the unit types I mentioned in the last point - 1=Thalya, 2=Melee Fighters, 3=Ranged Fighters, 4=Healers. That'll make organising them a total picnic.

Remember To Level Up Thalya

Sounds silly, but with everything going on and all the things you have to consider in both your Dungeon and the Overworld it's very, very easy to forget the crucial Research Upgrade of levelling-up Thalya. Do so. Not only does it up her damage and health, here's the thing - it'll also give her the crucial ability to temporarily summon three Shadows, immediately gifting you with 3 additional and totally expendable minions you can use as cannon fodder while your more valuable troops stay safe. Awesome.

Remember that Heroes might come from off the map to raid your Dungeon.

The first time this happened to me, I was so dumbfounded my Dungeonheart got destroyed. I'd sent my army across the map, destroyed everything in my path over the entire region, and was camped outside the only exit from the Good base. And then I got the warning, "Heroes have entered your Dungeon!" "HOW?!" I screamed back. As it turns out, Heroes don't have to be sent from the enemy base, or pass any roads that you would travel on. Sometimes there is a road leading off the map, next to your entrance, that seemingly has nothing for you, but in actuality is a direct path for Heroes to spawn into and immediately get down into your Dungeon. So even if you control the entire map, you can still get attacked. Beware. So to that end...

Warp Portal Is The Most Important Spell In The Game

This single spell is the reason why Traps aren't important and why you rarely need to be worried about your Dungeonheart being destroyed once you get it. As long you've built an Arcanium and researched Simple Spells you can cast Warp Portal, after selecting it on the Spells menu on the left, anywhere on the Overworld at any time. Then simply command your armies into it and they'll appear right by your Dungeonheart, ready to protect it. Then after you slaughter the interlopers just pick up your army (using keys 1-4 if you grouped them, see point 4!) and throw them back into the Portal, where they'll reappear at the point they entered. Quick, easy, cheap, and instant defence. And the Portal will stay there for a good long time, too.

Evil Essence Is Collected Automatically And Doesn't Run Out, But Can Be Attacked!

Unlike Gold, the Evil Essence resource will get automatically collected from the Overworld and will continue to flow forever, which is awesome. However, there is one way it can be stopped, and that's if a group of Heroes set out to retake the Essence Pools! Unlike the Dungeonheart there's no easy warp spell to get to them, so you'll just have to get to them manually before they attack! Fortunately the Narrator tells you when they're about to attack and you can see their route on the map, so ambushing them is easy. You can always retake it later, anyway.

Use Your Graphics Card for Encoding

A common problem many streamers face is performance issues. OBS by default uses the CPU for encoding, but high CPU usage may affect stream quality on some devices, leading to dropped frames and less quality. If recording with OBS leads to high CPU usage, you might instead choose to do the encoding using your graphics card (GPU). This can improve the performance of your stream by relieving some of the strain on the CPU. To change to hardware encoding, simply go to Settings > Output.  From the drop-down menu, you can select the GPU you are using.

Naming Cities

Adjust the Video Bitrate

Bitrate is the quality of the video OBS uploads to the streaming platform. You can adjust the Bitrate in Settings > Output. Finding your ideal bitrate can ensure your streams run smoothly on the viewer’s end. To find your ideal bitrate, you first have to know your upload speed. You can use a tool like to find information about your internet connection. Theoretically, you want a bit rate that is a bit lower than your upload speed. But if you have amazing upload speeds, why not go ahead and use crazy high bitrates? Well, that’s not always such a good idea. A bitrate that is too big will cause issues for viewers of your stream. While some streaming platforms transcode the video for the audience, you cannot always trust that that will work correctly. On the other end, it is recommended to have a bitrate that is not less than 2000 kbps, as anything below that will probably cause pixelation in your video. The key takeaway here is to know your upload speed and adjust your bitrate accordingly, and avoid super high bitrates altogether. Lowering your bitrate can also ease the pressure on the CPU encoding, so it’s a good measure against performance issues.