Top 10 Dnd tips

Ask your players for their plans next session.

In our last session my players were about halfway through dealing with the Redbrands (LMoP), but encountered a young cleric who seemed way too excited by for a beheading.They later investigate her house, and find demonic ritual materials everywhere, and her neighbors says the cleric had left for the nearby forest that morning.So, here I, the DM, am thinking: Cool, they can either follow the cleric OR they'll go finish off the Redbrands. Nope! They wait at the cleric's house, planning an ambush for when she returns. I did not intend for her to come back. So they spend most of an in-game day sitting at this random cottage. It all worked out in the end, but since then I've made a habit of, sometime between sessions, just asking the party their plans for our next game.Not only does it help me prep, but they've given me some great ideas!

Mute Your Chats

As simple as this sounds, I didn’t realize the Dual Sense Controller had a dedicated mic to chats with your buddies online, and a physical mute button. It really comes in handy when you need to have a conversation away from the game and friends online. Simply press the Mute button on the Dual Sense Controller to mute your mic and press it again to unmute. Along with a notification on the top-right corner of the TV, the mute button would glow red indicating the mic has been turned off. It’s a nice touch.

Set an Away message

Same as in Outlook, Teams allows you to compose an Out-of-the Office away message that will be sent if someone sends you a message in Teams or mentions you in a chat. Simply hit your Teams avatar, the hit the Set status Message, then write your message and specify the validity period. Hit Done and you’ll be all set.

Use a custom virtual background

I guess you have noticed people joining Teams video calls using city or nature landscapes as backdrops for their video calls. You can use pretty much every picture as a custom background in Teams calls. Feel free to look into our simple guide on how to setup virtual Teams backgrounds for your call.

Set your status (/dnd) , (/brb), (/available)

Want to manually set your status, so others know when to contact you. This can be done from the Teams settings, but as you gain more experience with Teams, you will start setting your status from the Search box. Simply use /dnd for Do not Disturb or /brb for Be Right Back and hit Enter. Your status will change. Just remember to reset your status as needed.

Manually setting your online status to be always available / active

By default, your Teams online presence is synchronized with your Microsoft Outlook Calendar events and reflects the actual status of your operating system (whether it is used or idle). It is also set automatically to do not disturb when you share your screen or make a call. That says, Teams allows you to manually set your online status very easily and set it to available, busy, away or offline as needed. Here’s the tutorial for manually setting your Teams availability status.

Use Teams in Together Mode

A relatively new capability of Teams is to allow meetings in Together Mode. Instead of displaying all meeting participants’ camera feeds in the grid (gallery) view, you can show them side by side in a virtual setting (think classroom, library, movie theater etc’). To enable Together mode you’ll need to first update Teams (hit your avatar, then Check for Updates). Then hit your avatar and hit Settings. In the general tab, check the New experience box: Then in your meeting panel, hit the … button and select Together Mode. Note that if you work in a large cooperation, you might not be able to manually update Microsoft Teams on your own. You might need to discuss enabling Together Mode with your Information Technology admin.

Don’t Forget about your Google Assistant

The TicWatch Pro 3 comes with Google Assistant support right out of the box. This allows you to use it exactly as you would on a full-fledged smartphone without any known limitations (Except hardware-related ones such as LTE). You can open Google Assistant on your TicWatch Pro 3 by either holding down the top right button of the watch or by saying “Ok Google” (Needs to have “Ok Google” detection enabled). Some of its most popular uses include:

  • Smart home usage
  • Music playback
  • Online searches
  • Weather forecast
  • Real-time translation (Doesn’t always work well due to Google Translate limitations)
  • Add events to the calendar
  • And more depending on how you want to use it It’s a handy tool when your hands are tied – such as when you are on a long run or cooking.

Play PS5 Games from your Phone

Remote Play is an intuitive feature that most people overlook. The app allows you to play your PS5 games using your smartphone when you’re in the house. The idea behind the app is that even if you have the PS5 in the other room, you can still connect your Android smartphone or iPhone to play those titles. The app simulates all the controller buttons on the smartphone screen and the gameplay is streamed over the local network. You would have to enable it on PS5 and then link the smartphone app with your PS account. Navigate to Settings > Remote Play > Enable Remote Play. A code would display on the screen. Install the Remote Play app on your smartphone and enter the code to log in.

Activate the Google Assistant With your Voice

One of the coolest things about Google Assistant is that it allows us to do many tasks hands-free. But, what’s the point when we need to use both of our hands to activate it? Fear not, as the TicWatch Pro 3 gives you the option of activating Google Assistant just by saying, “Ok, Google.” To turn that on, go to:

  • Settings
  • Personalization
  • And toggle “Ok Google” to on