Epic seven tips

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Latitude Rewards

Take advantage of the special discounts offered in the latitude member’s program. It’s fairly easy to become a member of this program, as you earn 1 point per night for cruising with NCL. Accumulate latitude points with extended trips and enjoy up to 50% discounts on prices of some packages including fares on future NCL cruises.

Use randomized maps

If you’re playing the game in the skirmish mode then consider trying out the randomized maps. A lot of replay value gets added to this Android game when you make use of these maps. This is something other games need to incorporate sooner or later. You can download Epic Little War Game here.

Enjoy the game

You need to enjoy the game to the fullest to make the most out of it. This mobile game has different types of units in it. Each of these units has their own positives and negatives. The presentation though is similar. For example, it is incorporated with humorous voice, colorful 3D graphics, clips from the troops, etc.

Choose to attack at an appropriate time

The basics of the game are the same though. However, you need to decide in advance when you should be attacking and when not to. While attacking, you need to be aware of counter-attacks that may come your way. Terrain plays a vital role in all of this so make sure you consider this.

Free at Sea Offer

This special package features 5 offers. Free beverage, shore excursion credit, specialty dining package, free Wi-Fi and reduced friends and family sailing rate. To access this offers you must choose either one or more items for your cruise and enjoy the free offer with additional onboard credit.

Make the best use of available features

There is an option to play against other humans or online in this game. Remember, this feature wasn’t there in the earlier version. Then there’s the landscape mode that makes a grand entry in this game. The levels presented here are more complex and bigger than before. Also, in this latest game, some new features have been included and these include base building and resource gathering. Another interesting thing with the game’s latest version is that you’ll never run out of your supply of ammunition. So, if you were required to slog it out in the previous versions, Epic Little War Game will welcome you with some real pace!

Avoid the long queues on debarkation days

Don’t even try disembarking early using self-assist, everyone on NCL tries to do this. Spare yourself the madness of it all and just disembark when the queues have declined. If you have priority disembarkation, use it and get out as early as possible, otherwise don’t be in a rush. If you have a flight, to take on that day, make sure it’s well-timed at least in the afternoon, to ensure you are there in time. Related: How to Deal With Long Lines on a Cruise Ship

Limit your kid’s spending

Limit your kid’s spending on their room cards by setting a maximum limit. Save yourself unnecessary costs from their trips to the arcade.

Enjoy discounted spa deals and happy hour deals on port days

If you are not feeling up to the usual buzz of a port and the extra spending. It’s no shame to remain behind on a port day. You will also get to enjoy the ship almost to yourself. And get discounted spa and happy hour deals while aboard the ship.