Epic seven tips

Skip the long queues on NCL

Since NCL offers a relatively free and flexible cruising experience. Including your time dining, where you can dine anytime you want within normal dining times. And offers a great many shows as mentioned earlier. Long queues are to be expected. One thing you need to do is ensure you always arrive early to get the best seats in all these venues. Even at the swimming pools, you need to get there early enough to get a poolside chair. Also, don’t hog those chairs, trying to save seats for your group, yet you don’t know when they will make it. Allow others to enjoy the seats as well, it’s proper cruise etiquette.

Switch your phone to airplane mode

It’s very important to remember this tip, to keep yourself from paying hundreds of dollars on roaming charges once back home. If you are engaging in a DIY excursion, also make sure to adjust your phone’s time to correspond to the ship’s time, to ensure, you won’t be left by the ship.

Spend some private time without the kids

Enjoy a private time together without the kids. Book your kids in the Splash Academy Kid’s Club where kids from ages 3 to 12 can enjoy dedicated attention from professional babysitters. Later on, they will be dropped off at your stateroom, or you can pick them up. Use the phones provided to stay in touch with your child.

Don’t lose your room card

Get lanyards for your room card, especially for the kids, so that no one loses their key card. Your room card is what you use to pay for almost everything, therefore ensure you have it at all times. Take a look at these cruise lanyards to keep cards around you.

Enjoy popular rides during off-peak hours

Beat the crowds and try the host of fun activities offered on NCL like the rope course, and water slides at off-peak times. You might even have the place to yourself.  Try evenings, because families tend to have early dinners and retire early.

Don’t miss NCL’s entertainments

NCL is very popular for its shows and competitive fun games. From world-class comedy companies like Levity Entertainment Group to Fat Cat Jazz band and Howl at The Moon piano masters to Cirque de Dream performances and the exhilarating fiery dance from Burn the Floor dance company. Enjoy great music, laughs, acrobatic performances that will make your jaws drop to the ground and world-class illusionist tricks. Just make sure you don’t take your kids to adult’s comedy and arrive early for the best seats in the house.

Book shows and specialty dining in advance

Some of NCL’s ships have a huge capacity of up to 4000 or more passengers. Don’t miss out on your favorite shows and specialty venues by booking late. Since most of these venues fill out pretty fast, book them pre-cruise with the exception of comedy shows, which are booked on board.

Book shore excursions with tour operators

This tip is both a cost-cutting endeavor and a great tip for shore excursions. Use local reputable tour guides who know the area well. And enjoy private authentic trips that sometimes take you to unique places. That you would otherwise not visit with a cruise excursion. And best of all save on costs. However, if you are new to a port call and don’t know much about it. It is better to stick to the cruise excursions offered by the cruise ship. Find all the cruise accessories you need for your excursion. Don’t forget to find out if your tour operator offers a full refund, in case you miss the excursion due to rough seas or a change in cruise itinerary before you book the excursion.

Buy the specialty dining packages

Get NCL’s dining package to save on cost. Avoid paying a la carte prices at specialty restaurants using this package. And also get to sample different meals without the worry of cost. You can purchase a dining package for your entire cruise period, or just for a few number of meals. The specialty package covers meals from steakhouses, French, Japanese, Mexican, Italian and churrascarias venues. Enjoy this cost-cutting deal with flexible terms and prices starting from $69 for 3meals to $199 for 14 meals. Related: 10 Easy Ways Not to Waste Money on a Cruise

Try out different combinations

All Good things you had experienced in the previous version make a comeback in this game. For example, the General and his team of blue guys are seen again battling with their enemies, the red guys. If you want to experiment with different modes in this game, then that’s very much possible. In addition to the skirmish mode, the single-player campaign allows you to participate in turn-based battles. Remember, you can use the skirmish mode to play with up to six players. What’s more, there’s also a possibility to mix and match large amounts of CPU and human forces. Therefore, if you want to team up with a friend in your game then you that as well.