Epic seven tips

Who to Strengthen?

Insert premium DPS or core tank. To maximize the value from your fodders, you’ll want to focus on upgrading the best AoE farmer. We’re thinking Sez, Vildred, Bellona, Ken, Montmorancy, etc.

Best Way to Spend Your Time

After the Side Story, you ought to do your best to clear everything that’s available on the main story map. Max them out to three stars, since the rewards are more generous than usual. Many players don’t know that world farming for catalyst has the best stamina and/or gold return in the entire game.

Do the Labyrinth

As we mentioned before, the labyrinth is an essential part of your Epic Seven progression. You can auto-battle here as much as you want, since each trip has no respawn cost the first time you fail. The mini-map is a good tool so use it to teleport to different spots. Your goal is to reach those tiny places that stick out. If they don’t have a gold chest, they usually have an exit.

Fight Bots in the Arena

Just by participating, the Arena hands out great equipment for your team. Winning is usually better than losing, but don’t beat yourself up if you end up on a loss streak. Five defeats “earn” you a repeat prize. Look for players who lose intentionally because you can literally reach masters just by targeting them.

Join a Guild

We really hope that by the time you read this you’ve already joined an Epic Seven guild. The shop has a lot of goodies, so you’ll want to donate to the group as much as possible. We wouldn’t go as far as giving away catalysts unless you’re really tight with your team, since they’re much harder to farm than the other mats. Buying out the guild store every week usually gives a lot of value, so aim for this to be the case on a regular basis. So far, these are some of the most important Epic Seven tips every beginner ought to know. With them, your gameplay will be much improved, while your decisions will have a constructive, long-term impact on your late-game potential.

Choosing your level

At the beginning of every game, you are required to set up your difficulty level. This can be easy, medium, or hard. For the novice, it is advisable to select easy.

Damaging other players

A setting that is not extremely functional. But turn it off just in case so that you may not hit your partners by accident and kill them.

Modes of the game

Now Muck has three various gameplays, but starting the game with survival mode is highly recommended. The other two are player versus player and creative modes. The work of each of them is evident by their names. Envision yourself running away from monsters. That is how fast you have to run in the game. In Muck, you can clear your path by cutting down trees that block your path. Build your ax and start the journey but keep an eye on the time too!

Monster mania

In Muck, monsters start generating at 12 am according to the game time. That gives you enough time to arm your character with an Iron ax or a rock. For the very first day, these two tools are sufficient to survive.

Be aware of your needs

One of the most important tasks is to understand all the stuff you need in order to stay alive throughout the day. At the end of your computer screen, you will see a few colorful bars. Your job is to make sure none of them runs out.