Epic seven tips

Who is Big Chunk?

The ultimate boss that you have to fight in Muck is a big chunk! He is made out of stone, and one attack from him can completely demolish your health bar. The best way to fight him is by being under him and stabbing with your sword. Also, keep an eye out for the devilish goblins that he generates. They are designed to kill you. And they will, without any doubt, do so too! Try staying near the big chunk and keep using your sword on him.

Invite your friends!

Muck can also be played online with your friends. It probably does not seem like a beneficial setting, but playing with friends is always more fun. Plus, it is easier to progress in the game, and you can help each other with different things.

Make some room

Entertain a lobby and ask your friends to connect with you using the password or code given to you. Commence the game once all of your friends have arrived. If you start it beforehand, the ones that were not able to join will not be allowed to get in the room again. Entering the password will tell them that the game has already started.

A friend in need is a friend indeed!

There are so many ways playing with your friends makes the gameplay easier and smoother for you. You can decide and part ways and gather the loot from different parts of the world. If one of you is killed, but the other one lives, you can join again in the morning. So tell your friends about it and have an effortless experience in it.

Theres a Blue-Green frame to know which skill has the unique weapon skill-up in.

Luna only requires 50% Crit Chance from gear to have 100% Crit Chance on W11.

Today I was enlightened by a friend who told me about the Elemental Advantage Crit Chance Bonus (15% if advantageous element). This means that an uninvested Luna only needs 50% Crit Chance from gear to have 100% Crit Chance on W11.   Luna starts off with 15% Base Crit Chance. Her S2 adds another 20% at +0. Additionally, her Ice element gives her another 15% versus Fire (W11). This totals her out at 50% Crit Chance base vs W11. Maxing out her S2 (Last priority imho) would put her at 60% Crit Chance vs W11.   This makes her incredibly easy to gear for W11, and any other Fire boss, to maximize on her damage output. I guess I know who is my next 6 Star.

Normal attack buff can extend greater attack buff

Kill Faster

Dynamite is one of the thrilling things you will ever use in Fortnite. You should use dynamite for better advantage while fighting.

Conserve health

Try not to lose health, and always utilize perfect time to conserve or increase health by consuming health boosters such as bandage, Medkits, Shield potion and Chug Jug.