Epic seven tips

Know location

Having a good knowledge of location/map is always blissful for any battle royale’s player. With the fine knowledge of map, you can perform better in game, as you are familiar with possible camper and camping spots.

Do not get fall damage

Try to avoid fall damage, by doing this your health will be conserved. By avoiding fall damages there is more chances of your victory while in any intense fight.

Learn from your mistakes

Intelligent people bear one great talents; they learn from their mistakes and try not to repeat the same mistake repeatedly.


Practice with every guns, dynamite and strategy will lead your skills to maximize level. Hence, practice more to build up your gaming skills to the next level.

Use headphones

Using headphone while playing Fortnite Battle Royale game tips and tricks is one of the best tactics you should follow. By practicing this Fortnite tips, you will be aware about your near enemies’ movements’ sounds.

Metal and bricks are awesome

Wood is fine for a normal fight, which can lead out to victory and defeat randomly. However, using metal and bricks while fighting is one of the best thing you can do. No matter whether you are just a beginner or an advanced pro player; use metal or bricks instead of woods. This tip is definitely useful for any level’s player to ensure victory most of the time.

Making noise is crucial mistakes

Do not make noise or try to minimize it as much you can do. Lowering the noises make your position anonymous, which is best practice for safe play.

Warm-up is best practice performed by great Soldier

Before entering matches, you should always play some warm up matches. By fixing gaming mindset with warm up matches, you can actually perform much better in gameplay.

Teammates are power

Teammates/ friends are your power, and you are their powers too; this is the cent percent true for both real life and gaming life too. No matter whether you are beginner or pro, you should always stick with your teammates so that in a hard time you can get supports from them.

Weapon’s range

There are three types of weapons on the base of bullet range; they are middle, short and long ranged weapons. For instance, Sniper guns are best for long ranged fight. Moreover, guns with highest fire rate are best in medium and short-range fight.