Epic seven tips

Set the spawn point

If your home isn’t anywhere near where you are exploring – spawning back at your home will be bad choice. You will have to travel again to get to the same point. But, as a secret Minecraft trick – you can make a bed if you want to quickly set a spawn point anywhere you want. You just need to have 3 wool and 3 planks – and you will have your bed ready. In addition to the bed, you have to sleep on it for a night – and then that point will become one of your spawn points.

Collect sand without Shovel

This is an experimental tip for Minecraft – which can be a bit tough to follow. Instead of using a shovel to collect sand, you can use a torch. Of course, a shovel is necessary – however, if you want to keep it intact and not decrease its durability, you have to explore alternatives. To do this, you just have to remove the bottom block of any pillar-like structure and while they do this – keep the torch ready. Once done, place the torch on the floor of the block. Now, the block above will convert to sand. Do note that you don’t have to rush – or else you might end up with a broken torch. Also Read: 1800+ Cool Minecraft Usernames and Minecraft Name Ideas

Keep your cabin organized

We often forget where we placed things, and only rush to look for them last minute when leaving the cabin. Avoid the frustrations of not finding your things. By taking advantage of Norwegian ship’s metallic doors, to place magnetic hooks on them, to hang clothing or important accessories. Another popular tip is to carry an over-the door-shoe-organizer. Use its pockets to store all your cruise essential items, so that you have easy access to them at all times. Amazon has a wide selection of organizers for the door and closet right here. Though NCL’s cabins are noticeably smaller than those found on other cruise lines. They still have ample storage space, under the beds and in storage spaces under the couch. Enjoy this extra room to store away your items.

No reason to wear wrinkled clothes on NCL

While on laundry matters, get an iron and iron board from guest services, to iron your clothes. Avoid wearing cramped clothing, call guest services on your first or second day and order an iron. They will give you an iron and ironing board for an hour. Iron all your clothes and have them ready for your whole cruise. If you aren’t up for paying a few extra bucks for this service carry a wrinkle release to straighten your clothes. Or use the steam from the bathroom, when you shower.

Laundry Promotions

NCL offers laundry promotions to its latitude members, twice weekly. Where they provide you with a plastic bag to fit in as much laundry as you can for $24.95. Be on the lookout for this promotion, to have your clothes laundered at the discounted price. This is especially a great offer for those of you who pack light and might need to repeat some clothing.

Your cabin location determines whether you will have a peaceful night or not

Avoid booking cabins under loud venues, like eating places, bars or near smoking areas like the Casino. In fact, have the ship’s map with you while you book your cabin to be sure of the cabin you are selecting.

Book cabins that are near elevators

Cabin decks are massive and moving from point A to B can be quite a workout at times. So, if for some reason, you don’t like walking a lot. Book cabins that are near elevators. In some of NCL’s ships, the elevators closest to the bow, have are known to be less crowded, use those to escape the crowds

Book a Balcony Cabin

Don’t deny yourself a beautiful experience for a few extra bucks. Book a balcony cabin and enjoy quiet privacy with beautiful views. Given the expansive cruising itineraries on NCL from Pacific Atlantic, Hawaii, Greece to the Caribbean. A balcony cabin is guaranteed to give you great views of scenic places, in a relaxed atmosphere. Note, however, that if you get seasick a lot, then balcony cabins might not be a good option for you. The sea gets rough at times, and unpredictable bad weather causes to much sway. That may cause you not to enjoy your cruise in these luxury cabins.

Try Sheehan’s for late night snacks

Try Sheehan’s Irish Pub which is open 24/7 for late night snacks and a cool hangout all day long. Visit this pub, for early morning breakfast, late night snacks and a good time hanging out.

Store your wine for later

Ask your waiter to store any leftover wine from your evening for another night. Norwegian cruises charge you $15 corkage fee for every 750ml bottle of wine or $30 for the 1500ml bottle as soon as you board. So, enjoy free corkage and storage services for the rest of your cruise. Check these travel wine accessories right here. And if you can’t have enough wine on your cruise. Then try the wine package, which offers unlimited glasses of wine, other beers or soft drinks for only $59 per day, per person.