Epic seven tips

Carry a reusable water bottle

NCL has a strict “no beverage on board” policy, with the exception of two 750ml bottles of wine per cabin and distilled water for babies or for medical purposes. As such you should consider bringing on board a reusable water bottle, to access water. Find travel water bottles for your cruise here. This little tip is a lifesaver that keeps you affordably and conveniently hydrated at all times. The ship’s water is perfectly safe for drinking as per NCL.  Refill your bottles in the dining room or buffet areas and use the mini fridge in your cabin to keep it cool.

Breakfast options

While the buffet area is a common breakfast venue. Avoid the masses by taking your breakfast in the dining room or at some specialty restaurants. Try a healthy breakfast at Garden Cafe or a tasty treat at Margaritaville. Alternatively, enjoy a quiet breakfast in your cabin after a long night. It might be all you need, to start the day at great spirits. The breakfast is even more enjoyable if taken on the balcony of your cabin.

Freestyle cruising

Take advantage of NCL’s freestyle cruising feature. Unlike other cruise lines, NCL doesn’t have appointed dining times, allowing you a flexible dining experience. Dine whenever and wherever you please. All you have to do is find out, what you want to eat and where from. From the screens found all over the ship. These screens show venues with their wait times and menus. Make specialty dining reservations early in advance to avoid missing tables at your favorite venues, as they fill up fast. This will also help you better plan, your dining schedule. Visit guest services or check menus on the screens in your cabin on the first day and find out the week’s menu.

Trace your Path, don’t get lost

When on the Breakaway class of ships, follow the fishes on the carpet to find your way. The fish are always moving forward (the ship’s forward). And this feature is only available in the cabin alleys. Or access a map of the ship, from the TV screens available everywhere on the ship, to find a location.

Pack a night light and a power strip

Cabins tend to be very dark at night. To get around at night, especially when visiting the bathroom. Pack a night light and save your shins some trouble. Another nifty trick is to pack is a power strip. It provides additional power outlets to charge all your electronic devices at a go. Find travel adapters and USB adapters for your next cruise. Your cabin both US and European- style power outlets, carry a European adapter to take advantage of maximum power abilities.

Figure out where everything is on the first day

Some of NCL’s newer ships like the Norwegian Breakaway-Plus class of ships are very large vessels. Some have over 4,000 passenger capacities. You don’t want to get lost in these ships, every time you try to find a venue or a new place. So get aboard the ship early and find out where everything is. Or use a map to find venues easily. Related: Make Your First Day Count!

Close the doors

One of the important tricks is to close the doors behind you. This strategy works best when beginning the game as your opponents will think nobody has visited the building yet. Also, when the incoming players try to open the door, you will be in a position to hear the noise giving you an opportunity to position yourself and kill them. For you to stand out in this game, always utilize the cheats, tips and strategize well. Find the cover, hide behind the doors and windows or the fences, find a right spot that will enable you to take out your enemy with ease. Always use everything at your disposal and enjoy the game.

Have the best weapon

In this game, without having a good weapon be sure you won’t achieve much. The best weapons in Rules for Survival includes the scope and assault rifles. When starting the game, you might not be having a good weapon but always look out for one. AK-47 and M16 are great weapons, do not forget to utilize the scopes and silencers.

Play with headphones

When playing this game, sound is important. Identifying where they come from will help you locate your competitors with ease. You will get visual indicators of your opponents on the compass, but they are difficult to follow. Hearing it by yourself is the best option to triumph as it helps you to note where footsteps and shots come from. Another important tip is to use choppers which flies over constantly to your advantage. When moving above you, they make a lot of noise enabling you to run without being heard.

Be on the move always

When playing this game, you are always on the move except for instances where your opponent is nearby, and you can be easily taken out from the bush. Moving always will make it difficult for your opponents to target and take you out of the game. Most opponents stop while taking a shot; If you can shoot your opponents while moving, then it is better as it will give you an upper edge during the close battles.