Epic seven tips

Fast internet connection

For you to be the last one standing out in Rules of Survival, always minimize the lag related issues. Play this game only when having a good internet connection or on a reliable Wi-Fi. Troubleshoot and fix this problem, if any, before starting the game.

Memorize the map

In the map, there is loot almost everywhere no matter if you were the first or last to land. Always memorize the place where buildings are located and what to expect in that area. When playing, make sure to look at the mini map. Playing severally while utilizing the mini map will enable you to know most parts of the area on the map. Make the best of the jump by going to the point where at least there is a building securing the loot and the one which is near. Beware that the top areas always have top loot and is extremely crowded. The best idea is to go outside the commonplace and take out them one by one. Sometimes your opponents will take out their players unknowingly giving you an added advantage.

Land first

In this game, being the first one to land is very important especially when facing other opponents. However, this does not mean you should be the first to get out of the plane; it means always land on a right spot before your opponents. When moving down, control yourself straight to the ground just like a rocket. When almost to the ground, don’t worry about opening the parachute as it will automatically open itself. So, make sure to avoid opening it as it will waste much of your time enabling your opponents to land on the good spot. When you land first, you will have the opportunity to grab a good loot and also be able to take out the opponents who were slower to land.


The game of grinding and farming…


It is actually not-too-hard to fully deplete the stamina. Whatever you do, don’t spend gems on recharging.

  • Stamina is given free daily at certain times.
  • It can be purchased in the Friendship shop once a day, and thrice with conquest points.
  • Leif can be obtained as an uncommon drop in events.


Seriously. Don’t be shy. Because joining a guild will unlock more gameplay, request for aid, and daily check-in for freebies – Also, hope that the guild master is not too lazy to activate the +10% gold and exp gain.


It will be tempting to want to build the Heart of Orbis at first to generate gold – Don’t. It will be expensive to reset the Sanctuary, and here is my recommended order instead:

  • The Forest of Souls, Soul Isle comes first – Unlock all 3 slots to grow Penguins and Phantasms.
  • Unlock 2 levels of the Alchemist’s Steeple, Laboratory – That will give you the ability to transmute equipment materials to a higher grade. Leave the catalysts be, you will only need this later.
  • Generally, one level for each of the Steel Workshop – That will make equipment crafting easier.
  • Finally, go for the Heart of Orbis, Cradle of Life – That will increase the “storage space” while you are away.
  • Forget the High Command. It is kind of meh if you do the calculations… Doing 2 X 4 hours expeditions will give you more than 1 X 8 hours expedition. But it is still somewhat worth it to unlock the missions that give you old coins and conquest points.


The developers of this game are not kind enough to give us a 10+1 guaranteed rare summon. Just don’t spend 100 gems on an individual summon – There is a “hidden discount” of 950 gems for 10 summons and 400 Stigma in the shop.

Take advantage of discounted shows on embarkation day

Start enjoying your vacation immediately you board by taking advantage of some of the discounted offers on that day. Enjoy NCL’s famous illusion shows on your first day on board and enjoy up to 20% discounts. Also, keep your eyes peeled for discounted offers on spa deals and specialty dining.


As the way this game goes, you will soon be forced to level up characters from all elements – Fire, Ice, Nature, Dark, and Light. But having a balanced party is still the formula to clearing stages.

  • Keep a warrior or knight in the front row to absorb most of the damage.
  • A combination of thief, warrior, archer, mage in the middle row to dish out damage.
  • Support character at the rear – soul weaver, mage, or archer.