Top 10 Epic seven tips

Modes of the game

Now Muck has three various gameplays, but starting the game with survival mode is highly recommended. The other two are player versus player and creative modes. The work of each of them is evident by their names. Envision yourself running away from monsters. That is how fast you have to run in the game. In Muck, you can clear your path by cutting down trees that block your path. Build your ax and start the journey but keep an eye on the time too!

Get in Tune with Each Character Class – Tank, Dealer, Supporter, and Healer

• One of the more enjoyable aspects of Epic Seven is getting to experiment with the composition of your team. Enemies will usually attack the Hero at the front of your team at a higher frequency than the rest, so it’s best to make sure that Hero is a tank (Knight/Warrior). Dealers (Mage/Thief) capable of quick and powerful attacks, plus healers and supporters will be much safer in this case. • However, this isn’t the only possible party composition. Often you can place Soul Weavers at the front who are capable of playing roles as both tank and healer, while powerful dealers behind them end the battle in a quicker fashion. If you prefer a much slower but safer method, you can also combine two tanks and two healers. Consider your play style as you create your own team!

Monster mania

In Muck, monsters start generating at 12 am according to the game time. That gives you enough time to arm your character with an Iron ax or a rock. For the very first day, these two tools are sufficient to survive.

Equip Each Warrior Class with the Right Equipment

• Epic Seven offers six different kinds of equipment: Weapons, Helmets, Armor, Boots, Necklaces, and Rings. You can equip these in sets of two or four to provide additional boosts to character stats, which ends up making your play experience a lot easier to handle. • Different combinations are recommended for different Heroes – For Knights and Warriors, you can equip Health Set and Defense Set to provide greater HP. For Thieves and Mages, you can equip Attack Set and Critical Set to increase damage. For Rangers and Soul Weavers, you can equip Speed Set to boost healing and support abilities.

Be aware of your needs

One of the most important tasks is to understand all the stuff you need in order to stay alive throughout the day. At the end of your computer screen, you will see a few colorful bars. Your job is to make sure none of them runs out.

Collect the wood

When you start your day, make sure the first thing you pick up is a rock. Hitting it against a tree will earn you wood. Not the easiest way to collect wood, but it works. After you gather your first batch of wood, head to your workplace and craft an ax. Using an ax is very profitable because you can use it to fight as well as cut down trees and pick up more wood, a two-in-one weapon that will help you throughout your day.

Expertly Utilize Buffs and Debuffs

• It’s very important to understand how the various buffs and debuffs used by monsters and Heroes work. All buffs and debuffs last for a limited amount of turns, as indicated by the number on their icon. Buffs include barriers that can protect allies or increases to stats such as Attack or Defense. • Debuffs on the other hand can decrease these stats or even paralyze enemies completely. Being able to time buffs and debuffs correctly and quickly dispelling debuffs on yourself and buffs on your enemies, will be of a great advantage to you in battle.

Know about weapons

Weapons are heart of any Fortnite Battle Royale game tips and tricks, better your weapons higher the chance of victory. It is one of the most important things to know about every gun of the game. You have to keep insight on range of weapons, weapons damage, and best weapons combination for attack, defense and safe play. Having enough knowledge of weapons make your choice good for battle. Therefore, know about your weapons so that you won’t be equipped with wrong weapons for specific types of battles.

Destruction of structures

Try to destroy the structure created by your opponents as fast as possible, which will make your opponent panicked. As we all know, panicked player cannot perform well in any game whether it is real life or in battle royale’s life. Hence, it will be much easier for you to defeat panicked opponent easily.

Know Your Elemental Strengths and Weaknesses!

• There are five different elements – Fire, Ice, Earth, Light, and Dark – that all complement each other. Fire is super effective against Earth, Earth is super effective against Ice, Ice is super effective against Fire, and Light and Dark are each super effective against the other. • An elemental advantage will provide benefits like greater accuracy and increased damage, while an elemental disadvantage means a higher chance that an attack will miss and decreased damage. This is very important when fighting against other Heroes in the Arena or against more powerful enemies.