Top 10 Epic seven tips

Upgrade your weapon

An ax is one of your first armaments, but it is surely not the last one. As you keep yourself alive day after day, better and more effective weapons will be there for you. All the trees in the environment need various types of axes to get cut. You will be able to collect them every time you progress. Since meals play a crucial role in your survival, assure that you always have something to eat. If your character is low on food and you cannot find anything, game over!

Fight Alongside Supporters and Join a Guild

• During Adventure or Side Stories, there can often be times where you get stuck on powerful enemies. This difficulty can be overcome by trying again with a different combination team, grinding earlier stages to level up your Heroes, or improving their equipment. Unfortunately, sometimes not even this is enough. Rather than giving up, you can enlist the help of a Supporter to fight by your side. You can tag them in at any point or have them automatically replace the first of your Heroes to die. These Supporters can be chosen from a list that appears when you first enter a stage. • Joining a Guild can improve your life in Epic Seven significantly. You can communicate with other Guild members via chat to learn how to improve your Heroes and request various items you need. You will also gain access to a Guild “Member Shop” where you can purchase MolaGora Seeds, Catalysts, and other materials necessary for your Heroes’ growth. To purchase items in the Member Shop you need Brave Crests, a currency that can be earned by donating gold to the Guild and or sending Aid to Guild members. See Also

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Better sensitivity could be your power

Try to find out best sensitivity for your device and apply to your setting. With good sensitivity, you can perform much better while playing any game. That is why adjust good sensitivity to your game sensitivity.

Fruits or meat?

At the time you slaughter a cow, it provides you with raw meat. It is a good source of energy, but it also demands time and stamina for preparing it. A very smart move would be to devour all the mushrooms and the apples when you need urgent stamina. Both of these are the primary meals of your player.

Make room for the mushrooms

Mushrooms are a multi-beneficial food in Muck. Try to hoard every mushroom you see. All of them have different properties

Obtaining Coal Without Mining

You know that you need to farm for a lot of things on Minecraft – be it resources or weapons of any kind. However, there’s a way to acquire coal without even mining for it. You just have to make a furnace and smelt some logs – and voila! You have coal with you. The only downside of this technique is that you will not be able to make coal blocks – but it is still a good Minecraft trick if you really want the coal.

Weapon’s range

There are three types of weapons on the base of bullet range; they are middle, short and long ranged weapons. For instance, Sniper guns are best for long ranged fight. Moreover, guns with highest fire rate are best in medium and short-range fight.

Land first

In this game, being the first one to land is very important especially when facing other opponents. However, this does not mean you should be the first to get out of the plane; it means always land on a right spot before your opponents. When moving down, control yourself straight to the ground just like a rocket. When almost to the ground, don’t worry about opening the parachute as it will automatically open itself. So, make sure to avoid opening it as it will waste much of your time enabling your opponents to land on the good spot. When you land first, you will have the opportunity to grab a good loot and also be able to take out the opponents who were slower to land.


A major difference between other games and Muck is that you cannot always go around collecting coins. You have to extract gold from the ores you locate and manufacture your coins at the workbench. This way, it makes it even more interesting to manage your finances as you will not be having an unlimited supply of coins.

Freestyle cruising

Take advantage of NCL’s freestyle cruising feature. Unlike other cruise lines, NCL doesn’t have appointed dining times, allowing you a flexible dining experience. Dine whenever and wherever you please. All you have to do is find out, what you want to eat and where from. From the screens found all over the ship. These screens show venues with their wait times and menus. Make specialty dining reservations early in advance to avoid missing tables at your favorite venues, as they fill up fast. This will also help you better plan, your dining schedule. Visit guest services or check menus on the screens in your cabin on the first day and find out the week’s menu.