Top 10 Epic seven tips

Breakfast options

While the buffet area is a common breakfast venue. Avoid the masses by taking your breakfast in the dining room or at some specialty restaurants. Try a healthy breakfast at Garden Cafe or a tasty treat at Margaritaville. Alternatively, enjoy a quiet breakfast in your cabin after a long night. It might be all you need, to start the day at great spirits. The breakfast is even more enjoyable if taken on the balcony of your cabin.

Gathering loot

The only other way to pick up coins is to keep an eye on the loot monsters drop when they are killed. Sometimes, if you are lucky enough, you might find bonus chests of green color. They are also loaded with riches. Do not forget to pick them up. Every time you spot a treasure chest while roaming around the world, take the chance and open it up! Keep your coins saved for them. Most of them contain amazing power-ups that build up your playability and restore your stats.

Memorize the map

In the map, there is loot almost everywhere no matter if you were the first or last to land. Always memorize the place where buildings are located and what to expect in that area. When playing, make sure to look at the mini map. Playing severally while utilizing the mini map will enable you to know most parts of the area on the map. Make the best of the jump by going to the point where at least there is a building securing the loot and the one which is near. Beware that the top areas always have top loot and is extremely crowded. The best idea is to go outside the commonplace and take out them one by one. Sometimes your opponents will take out their players unknowingly giving you an added advantage.

Tweak the Game Setting for Brightness

Some do – and some don’t. And, it is worth mentioning that you do not need to light up a torch in the game to clearly see what’s going on. By default, the game has a moody brightness setting, so you just have to change it “Bright” for a better vision.

Teammates are power

Teammates/ friends are your power, and you are their powers too; this is the cent percent true for both real life and gaming life too. No matter whether you are beginner or pro, you should always stick with your teammates so that in a hard time you can get supports from them.

Carry a reusable water bottle

NCL has a strict “no beverage on board” policy, with the exception of two 750ml bottles of wine per cabin and distilled water for babies or for medical purposes. As such you should consider bringing on board a reusable water bottle, to access water. Find travel water bottles for your cruise here. This little tip is a lifesaver that keeps you affordably and conveniently hydrated at all times. The ship’s water is perfectly safe for drinking as per NCL.  Refill your bottles in the dining room or buffet areas and use the mini fridge in your cabin to keep it cool.

Make An Emergency Shelter

When you’re exploring the world – you will also encounter danger coming your way. Maybe, it is dark out there. Or maybe you are just alone in a very bad place. What do you do when you see enemies coming to attack you then? Of course, unless you have the firepower to fight back. You can simply start digging three blocks down and then put a block above you to keep yourself safe. Well, this is the fastest and the most efficient way. If you have more time, you can make sure that you have a torch with you and enough space to place a bed or anything that you deem necessary.

Choose to attack at an appropriate time

The basics of the game are the same though. However, you need to decide in advance when you should be attacking and when not to. While attacking, you need to be aware of counter-attacks that may come your way. Terrain plays a vital role in all of this so make sure you consider this.

The rarer, the better

The uniqueness of a chest can be distinguished by its colors. If a chest is rare or epic, it will cost you a lot more coins to open it up. But it is worth it because the more expensive it is, the better the award it has. If you do not have enough coins to buy a chest, use wood to create an indicator that will remind you where it is. This way, you can always return to it when you gather enough money. Monsters in muck will attack anything. Your workplace, storage, furnaces, etc., are all at risk. Defending yourself from them is the supreme priority. If you are unable to do so, you will die, and the game will end.

Warm-up is best practice performed by great Soldier

Before entering matches, you should always play some warm up matches. By fixing gaming mindset with warm up matches, you can actually perform much better in gameplay.