Food tips

Don’t underestimate how magical Disney dining can be.

Yes the parks are magical, the parades spectacular, and the entertainment is world class, but dining can be just as magical. When I think about my favorite moments at Walt Disney World, dining a certain restaurants and those experiences associated with them are easily in my top 5.

If you’re in the military and have a car during your trip, eat at the Shades of Green buffet.

Looking to save some money on food. Go to the Shades of Green for their breakfast or dinner buffet. It’s cheap and pretty tasty. Plus they even have a fresh seafood buffet!

You can get some good eats from the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin.

Located right next to the Boardwalk Inn and Yacht Club, the Swan and Dolphin have some really swanky and tasty restaurant options. Check em out, you might be surprised what you find.

Don’t forget to try some delicious food options at Disney Springs.

Good food doesn’t end at the resorts and parks. Disney Springs is home to deliciously unique restaurants that you’ll absolutely love. Here are my all-time favorites.

Use your annual pass holder card for food discounts at select eateries.

If you’re an annual pass holder at Disney World or Disneyland, you can get anywhere from 10%-20% off your meal at select restaurants.

Buy a tables in Wonderland Card.

If you’re an annual pass holder, Disney Vacation Club member, or a Florida resident and want to save 20% off al food and alcohol at almost all Disney restaurants, you must get this card.

Celebrating a birthday at Disney World but need a gluten free or vegan cake, Erin McKenna (used to be Babycakes) got you covered!

You can order gluten free or vegan cakes and treats and get them delivered to your resort. And if you want gluten free cupcakes, Sprinkles has you covered there too.

Order a cake to celebrate a special occasion.

Looking to celebrate someone’s birthday at Disney, surprise them with a Disney birthday cake.

Scope out the best places to eat for vegetarian and vegan options.

Finding vegetarian options is really easy at Disney especially with how popular the vegan and plant based diet has become. It get’s more complicated when it comes to vegan, however it still can be done. That’s why you should always check the menus first before you commit to a restaurant.

If you have food allergies, alert the restaurant that you have special dietary needs.

Disney Chefs are well trained to accommodate guest with food allergies. They’ll literally come out to your table and ask you what it is you can and can’t eat and will whip you up something special. This is especially true if you’re gluten free.