Food tips

Order the Triple Layer Nachos without beans or sauce for $1.10 instead of the Chips & Cheese for $1.30 to get more nachos with cheese already poured over them.

Forgo the chips in a small bag and cheese in a little container. Not only do you get more nachos when you order the Triple Layer Nachos, but you’re also saving $0.20.

Order “Off the Broiler” or “OTB” for the freshest burger.

When you order your food and literally say “off the broiler” or “OTB,” servers will take a fresh, uncooked hamburger patty and send it through the conveyor. In about seven minutes you’ll have a freshly made hamburger that hasn’t been sitting for a while on a warming tray. Bonus Tip: Here’s where Burger King makes it easy for you. Get their 5 items for $4 deal and save $2.75. You’ll get a bacon cheeseburger, crispy chicken nuggets, small fries, a small drink, and a chocolate chip cookie.

Get a fresher sandwich by customizing it.

Have it your way and customize anything on your sandwich, even extra pickles. This pretty much guarantees your sandwich is fresh, because the server won’t want to unwrap an already wrapped sandwich.

Ditch the cheap, clear water cup and opt for a medium-size cup for about $0.60 instead of paying $2 for a water bottle.

Bonus Tip: As part of their 50th anniversary celebrations, Subway is letting customers add 50% more meat to their 6-inch sandwiches for just $0.50 more.

Keep all the ingredients deliciously tucked in by ordering a sub “old cut style.

The subway artist just needs to make a V shape or trench into the bread, instead of slicing along the side. This will neatly hold your toppings, and keep the ingredients from slipping out the sides.

Split a Footlong and customize each 6-inch portion instead of ordering individual 6-inch subs.

You can’t change the meat or the bread, but you can change the cheese, produce, and condiments—which saves you a couple dollars.

Save $10 by ordering a large carryout 3-topping pizza with pineapple, ham, and bacon instead of a large Honolulu Hawaiian.

Technically, the Honolulu Hawaiian also has shredded parmesan asiago and roasted red peppers. Add both as additional toppings to your 3-topping carryout pizza and still save $7. Bonus Tip: Call your local branch and see if they have any pizzas that weren’t delivered or picked up. There’s a good chance you can get the pizza at a discounted price.

Save $0.58 when you ask for light ice in your iced coffee.

When you order more ice, you end up with less beverage in your glass. Bonus Tips: Check out these 12 Insider Secrets from a Starbucks Barista for more hacks.

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Save $0.80 and get the same amount of caffeine by ordering a Short latte instead of a Tall.

These fun-sized drinks (8 oz. versus a 12 oz. Tall) contain the same amount of caffeine for less money (you get less milk to espresso)!

Make 2 meals out of a burrito bowl by asking for a free tortilla or taco shells on the side.

Load up a burrito bowl and eat half now by stuffing the ingredients in taco shells or wrapping them up in a tortilla. Then, save the other half for later.