Top 10 Food tips

Mobile Order is king

Ordering your dole whip, chicken nuggets, or any other snack on the My Disney Experience app and thus skipping the line is by far the quickest way to get food. Here are some of my favorite DDP tips and money maximizing strategies.

Try Delivering By Bike

As an Uber Eats courier, you can swap between delivering by car or bike within the app. And, as a bike courier, Uber Eats does a decent job at only giving you order requests within a small radius. So, if you want to avoid paying for gas and vehicle depreciation while getting paid to workout, try delivering by bike! This is how my friend earns around $15 to $20 per hour as a bike courier in Toronto. Of course, having a decent road bike will make life easier than a BMX bike, but you don’t need a super expensive bike to get started as a bike courier. Extra Reading – How To Make $1,000 A Week With Uber Eats.

Come during “free dining” promotional season.

There are times when you can get a free quick service dining plan when you book a stay for a certain amount a days during the offseason. These promotions come and go but if it fits your time frame, you should definitely consider it.

Get a fresher sandwich by customizing it.

Have it your way and customize anything on your sandwich, even extra pickles. This pretty much guarantees your sandwich is fresh, because the server won’t want to unwrap an already wrapped sandwich.

Serve smaller portion sizes

Smaller portion sizes were named by the National Restaurant Association as one of the top five hottest restaurant concepts for 2019. Of course, you still want to serve enough food to satisfy your guests and portion sizes can vary depending on the type of establishment you’re operating, but smaller portions are typically easier to style. Stick to no more than six elements on each dish to prevent them from looking overcrowded.

Make dining reservations 180 days prior to your visit

The last thing you’d want to do is get within 2 weeks of your trip and every restaurant that you dreamt about eating at is completely booked. That’s why is’t so important to make advanced dining reservations as soon as it’s 180 until your trip. And if ‘Ohana is on your list, I got you.

Always Take Photos Of Drop-Off (And Send A Text!)

Uber Eats customers can request contactless delivery where you drop off their order at the front door. When you do this, you have to take a photo of the delivery. This is important for covering your back and Uber’s back in case the customer claims they didn’t get their food. But, as a super niche Uber Eats driver tip, take a photo that also shows your insulated food delivery bag in the background. When the customer sees this, it proves (even subconsciously) that you care about keeping their food at the right temperature. You can also send the customer a quick “thanks for ordering, I’ve left your order at the front door as requested. Have a great day!” sort of message…again, customer service!

Stay in the Water Park for Dinner

Dinnertime and later seems to be when the waterpark is the least busy. With parents who have had their children there since 9am, many have packed up so consider a pizza at the Hungry as a Wolf Pizza shop. Starting at just $14.99 for a large pizza, it is a great way to have a snack at the Waterpark and continue to enjoy the less busy part of the day.

Get the dining plan if you plan on eating more that $68 worth of food (per person).

The way the Disney Dining plan works is that you typically get a certain number of credits to use during your trip. These credits are for snacks, table service restaurant meals, and quick service meals. Most people tend to go with the Basic or Plus plan which gives you one snack credit, one quick service credit, and one table service credit. All of these credits will equal out to around $68 a day for food. If you know for sure that you can eat more than $68 worth of food, then get the plan. If not, it may not be for you. But also, don’t forget, Disney is pricey so $68 might be pretty easy to attain.

Top Great Wolf Lodge Packing Tips: Pack your swimming bag separate from your suitcase.

My top Great Wolf Lodge packing list tip is that on the day you check-in, you are able to access the facilities at 1pm. But your room may not be ready until 4pm. If your swimming bag is handy, you can change and enjoy the pool before your room is ready! On the day you leave, do the same thing. Checkout is at 11, but you can use the pool and facilities until the end of the day! They also offer an option to purchase late checkout. We use these wet bags to keep our swim stuff from getting everything else wet.