Top 10 Food tips

Always Double-Check Pickup

Another simple Uber Eats driver tip: always check the order to make sure everything is right. Uber encourages/prompts you to do this, but it’s seriously important…if a sauce is missing, or something in the order is off, it’s better to deal with it quickly and let the customer know you’re making things right than to deliver the wrong order and likely lose your tip.

Quick Service meal credits are worth $20 so be sure to make the most of it.

Be sure to find the most expensive (and most delicious) options at quick service locations so that you get your money’s worth. Don’t go for the salad, go for the barbecue rubs and chicken combo (Flame Tree Barbecue at Animal Kingdom)!

Be sure to order your Disney Dining Plan before you get to Disney.

The Disney Dining Plan can only be added to your trip reservation prior to your trip (48 hours or more).

When booking a dining reservation, call instead of going online.

There’s no better way to get a hard to get dinner reservation than talking to a real human being. Sure technology is great, but sometimes calling 407-939-3462 and talking to a Disney representative can give you better luck. Plus, the representative is usually more willing to find you a reservation spot and do whatever it takes. But of course, I still recommend to always check for dining reservations during every free second you have.

Make dining reservations for breakfast, lunch, and dinner

Just because some restaurants are emptier than others in the morning doesn’t mean that you can just walk in. Now don’t get me wrong it does happen, but since time is usually your most precious asset, the last thing you’d want to do is wait 30 minutes for a table at Captain’s Grill as opposed to making a breakfast reservation for 10 minutes beforehand and walking straight in.

Be flexible with your dining times.

Usually the best times to eat are always the ones to be booked up first. But if you’re totally fine with eating dinner at 8:30 pm or breakfast at 11:00 am, you’ll be surprised at how many places you can eat. At Disney, flexibility is key. I like going to Beaches and Cream for a really late night snack. 10pm or later and it’s sometimes pretty darn empty.

Order “Off the Broiler” or “OTB” for the freshest burger.

When you order your food and literally say “off the broiler” or “OTB,” servers will take a fresh, uncooked hamburger patty and send it through the conveyor. In about seven minutes you’ll have a freshly made hamburger that hasn’t been sitting for a while on a warming tray. Bonus Tip: Here’s where Burger King makes it easy for you. Get their 5 items for $4 deal and save $2.75. You’ll get a bacon cheeseburger, crispy chicken nuggets, small fries, a small drink, and a chocolate chip cookie.

Use edible garnishes and decorations

Garnishes and decorations are a great way of styling your dish, but there are some guidelines you should follow when using them. Whatever you use—whether it’s a herb, spice, or a flower—it needs to be edible. Everything on your plate should be placed with the intention of elevating the dishes taste first, and the way it looks second.

Get free caramel corn from Karamell Kuche. (gone due to pandemic)

One of my favorite places to snack. This German caramel influenced bakery has some of the best treats in Disney, plus they even sometimes give out free samples of their delicious and chewy caramel corn.

Know before you go. Research your dining options.

The last thing you’d want to do is show up at a restaurant and find absolutely nothing that’s edible on the menu. That’s why I truly recommend doing your research so that you can find the perfect restaurant that fits yours and even your party’s dietary preferences. This applies to both snacks and full meals.