Fortnite br tips

Plant C4 on your ATK just in case someone ends up stealing it from you.

Doing that is probably good enough of a deterrent to keep those GTA wannabes away from your stuff. If someone is stupid enough to steal it, then you've got yourself a kill. Talk about good revenge

You can still find treasure chests without the actual map. I had the map on me just to see where the treasure is and you can still dig it up without the map

You can bind edit to the touchpad and press it like this so you can keep your thumbs on the thumb sticks

If you want a headstart on season 5, save up 3 daily challenges, finish them without collecting rewards, then collect when new season starts.

Use sprays to hide your traps!

Do your difficult weekly challenges on Fortnite Mobile.

My friend reminded me that he uses Fortnite mobile to complete his challenges if they appear to be too hard for you on your main device or if you have time to spare at school or work!

How to get your missions done on a limited schedule.

If you don’t have time or opportunity to get on your console/pc and do your missions, just link your epic account to your phone on the fortnite app and do your missions on your phone. It might not be the same experience, but if your travelling or don’t have the time to boot up your console/pc, just do a quick game on your phone, the account is the same on both.

In order to place top 50 in solos, git gud.

You can extend your edit range if you have the same building object picked already.

Found about this when was getting comfy with my new piramid hotkey. So if you ramp -> piramid, you can actually make the edit sooner, if you still have the roof picked. If you have ramp/nothing picked, then you have to be closer to the roof to be able to do it.Of course you can apply it to other situations, probably gonna work well if you want to edit a floor which is out of reach.Id put "psa" in the topic, but i cant figure out what the shortcut stands for

How to win every single build battle in solo.

Use C4 :(