Fortnite br tips

If you have an RPG and clingers, send the RPG to the bottom of a 1x1 then immediately throw clingers around the bottom of the base.

This will kill the guy while he is trying to catch and rebuild his 1x1 you just destroyed

Don't post your account name here.

So I just woke up to over 30 emails of multiple people from all over the world trying to log into my account, luckily I had two factor authentication enabled.What happened was I got into a stupid argument about game stats and posted a link to my account on a tracker site. I guess people saw that I was being a dick and decided to try and get into my account.Please everyone make sure you have two factor authentication enabled, if you don't know how to do it, log into your account at go to password and security, scroll down to the bottom and click enable.

Having trouble with this week's JJ chest challenge? Visit your friendly neighborhood llama, there's two possible chest spawns, and hardly any players go up there

For mobile players, make FULL use of the quickbar function, so that you no longer have to switch from combat to build mode.

Do the Risky Reels challenge on your Nintendo Switch.

None of the PS4 players have the battlepass on their Switch and therefore will not be doing the challenge

Heroes stop build around the stones.

If you are playing Heroes do not build around the stones. It's not like you need to hide it or protect it from damage. All that building does is blocks heroes from seeing if there are bad guys taking the stone.

Tap the gun to reload instead of the reload button to prevent accidentally firing your weapon.

The amount of weapons you have in your inventory is the amount of weapons you can use

If you find a random piece of wood on the floor in wailing DONT PICK IT UP, instead drop all your wood on it and make it combine then pick it up, it will count as if you picked up 999 wood if you drop 999 wood