Top 10 Fortnite br tips

Stop Jumping.

If you find yourself losing a lot of 1v1 fights then it may be as a result of jumping too much.Fortnite is certainly a very 'jumpy' game and no matter what you will probably find yourself jumping a lot. Jumping while traversing the map is generally a good idea, because you will be very hard to hit from a distance as it will be difficult to track you with an AR or Sniper.However, jumping is not always the best thing to do in a close quarters fight. This is because, once you have started the jump, the arc is easily predictable - entirely the opposite to what you want your movements to be. You want your movements to be dynamic and unpredictable which can be accomplished by a combination of strafing, crouching and jumping. Additionally, jumping can negatively impact your aim is it can be difficult to jump and shoot.Hope this helps some of you win some more of your fights.

This number minus one is how many people are left.

Search Where The Stone Heads Are Looking - Challenge Location

When a new update is out, try it first for some hours before u complain about it.

Update is out for 5 min, people start already complaining about "OP" and shit.

When downing an enemy instead of "thirsting" them watch what direction they crawl too so you have a idea of what direction there teammates as gonna attack from(if you leave them alive beside you you can manipulate the enemies into trying to get their faster and they often choke from presure)

If you really really need xp. Search llamas rather than breaking them.

Turn OFF Reset Building Choice option in settings to automatically pull out whatever building you last built.

If you have this option set to off, every time you go into building mode it will start off with the last thing you had selected in the building menu. Very useful to have stairs ready and not have to scroll to it.