Top 10 Fortnite br tips

Turn OFF Reset Building Choice option in settings to automatically pull out whatever building you last built.

If you have this option set to off, every time you go into building mode it will start off with the last thing you had selected in the building menu. Very useful to have stairs ready and not have to scroll to it.

If you have to choose between the M16 and the burst rifle, take the burst rifle. It is extremely precise and the damage is just incredible. My go-to weapon. I often find it even better than the Scar. Don‘t see many using it though.


Lil kev glows now,and now its a backbling i'd actually use.

Tap the gun to reload instead of the reload button to prevent accidentally firing your weapon.

The amount of weapons you have in your inventory is the amount of weapons you can use

If you can't use your weapon at the start of a match, try dancing. It should allow you to use your gun.

Don’t use the Wakandan skyrider on Next Gen graphics unless you want to be blinded.

Use Storm Surfers LTM.

If you kill someone and they keep spectating you, be extra cautious of traps.

Idk about you guys, but I always spectate someone when they kill me near my trap, in hopes that they’ll walk into it.

If you find a random piece of wood on the floor in wailing DONT PICK IT UP, instead drop all your wood on it and make it combine then pick it up, it will count as if you picked up 999 wood if you drop 999 wood