Top 10 Fortnite br tips

Materials gathered on spawn island will count towards this weeks mission

If you're playing on console but using a monitor, change your RGB range!.

The difference is incredible!For Xbox One: Go to Settings > Display and Sound > Color Space > *PC (RGB Full)*For PS4: Go to Settings > Sound and Screen > Video Output Settings > RGB Range > Full

You Can Use The New Map Markers to Get The Most Efficient Drop Possible.

Set your map marker where you want to drop in the pre-game lobby. When you’re on the bus, watch the distance tracker that shows you how far your marker is. It will keep getting closer and close, until eventually it stalls out and starts getting further away. This is when you want to drop, right when the distance calculator stops moving. This is when the bus is the closest it will get to your drop and lets you know the precise moment to drop to get there the fastest. A lot of people don’t use markers in solo games so I thought it was worth mentioning how they can be used to get the fastest drops.

For those already Tier 100, save your daily missions until the next season for an extra 1.5 battlepass tiers.

It’s not much, but anything helps and apparently this isn’t common knowledge.

This is wailing wood

Treasure Map Location (Free Battlestar)

Having trouble with this week's JJ chest challenge? Visit your friendly neighborhood llama, there's two possible chest spawns, and hardly any players go up there