Frugal tips

Freeze pizza when you order it.

You can get really good deals on multiple pizzas if you decide to occasionally indulge in takeout, and me just being one person doesn't want to eat pizza for four days/its not that healthy.So when I order a bunch of pizza I eat my fill and then freeze 2-3 slices in bags. 5 minutes in the toaster oven or regular oven, or a microwave if you're desperate and you have hot pizza! It tastes almost fresh from my toaster oven. The texture isn't compromised at all.


From the grocery thread, lots of people seem to buy breads and rolls. Just thought I'd throw out there that the markup on bread is crazy. Where I am it's about $2.50 CAD for a 450g loaf of in-store-bakery plain bread. On sale.Baking it yourself would take no more than 70 cents worth of flour! And you can definitely get flour cheaper than the $4 per 2.5kg I used!

Omelets are a great way to use up smaller leftovers.

The cheapest product you can buy is the one you don't.

Stay strong, find substitutes and get creative with recycling.

If you are waiting in line to buy something, do a quick google search on your phone to see if there's a coupon for it.

Most coupons can be used right from your phone. What else are you going to do while waiting in line? It might save you a buck or two!

Set calendar reminders for the day before annual fees get charged.

Annual fees, monthly fees, renewals etc. Something many of the seasoned frugalers have been doing forever but might help someone just getting started.

Abandon Your Online Purchase At Checkout.

Most ecommerce websites have automated systems to try and capture as many customers as possible, and to get customers to come back after abandoning their cart. Once you get through to the last step of checkout and the store has your email address, just close the browser and wait a few days. There's a big chance that their email system will send out an automated "abandoned cart" reminder that includes a coupon if you complete your purchase. This also gives you time to reflect on the necessity of the purchase if you were being impulsive.

Dye your faded clothes for a new look.

As the title says, if you have worn out jeans, or other clothes, dye them instead of buying new clothes.This works best for cotton, but read the label on your clothes, as well as the instructions on the fabric dye to be sure if it would work on each garment.I do this once every few years when I gather enough clothes that got faded colours and no longer look their best, I throw them in a pail with the dye, and the result is clothes that look as good as new.I usually go with black, so I can save the most money by dying all in one batch.

If your phone line or internet goes down, ask the company for the credit for the lost service.

Our phone line was dead yesterday. It turned out it was a regional problem, and while on the phone with the company, I asked if there was any compensation. Yes, the customer service agent said, we can credit your account for a day. I would not have gotten the credit automatically, and I am not sure if all companies do this. But it is worth a try!

Shop your super market meat dept early in the morning or late in the evening.

This is when the close-dated meats are usually marked down. Buy up all the discounted meat and pop it in the freezer for another day.