Frugal tips

Hardware store.

I was just at the hardware store and discovered that there are professional "safety goggles" that look amazing and cost just a fraction of what good sunglasses cost.The features hardware sunglasses have - there are unsquashable, unscratchable, polycarbonate, professional UV protection, there's an unexpected large variety, and absolutely great and most of all unique design: for as little as 10-15 bucks.I just bought these (they also have an "iF design award" lol) with an original specs case for €16 at the local hardware store.

Use a car sharing service/coop if it fits your need.

Frozen orange juice reconstituted at home is more convenient, cheaper, and just as good as liquid OJ from the store.

I used to buy orange juice from the refrigerator section of the store every week or so. Now, I buy it in the freezer section every few months. It's about 30% cheaper here, and it's one less thing to keep track of. Plus, it tastes fresher.One important tip: reconstitute into a glass container. I have a 2L glass OJ container from the hippy co-op, which is perfect for the job. It has a wide-mouth lid, so I don't need to bother with funnels or spoons while reconstituting. I tried re-using plastic bottles from my recycle bin, but no matter how well I wash them, the juice develops that metallic/fermented taste within a week. Not an issue with glass.A third tip: a small glass of OJ is just as satisfying as a large glass at breakfast.

Sign up with a few friends for XFINITY service. With one account, you gain WiFi access to virtually every part of the country—even on the roads—since XFINITY is ubiquitous. You also get online/mobile access to all ESPN/ESPN2 coverage on any device—for as many devices as you want.

For sports fans, this also includes TNT, CBS, ABC, FOX, and any other channel that might carry premier coverage.

Walk to work.

I've recently ditched public transport and started walking to work - around 3 miles. It has saved me £60 a month on travel costs.Not only that but now I'm never late because of the lousy late buses I had go contend with previously and it's healthier! Even in terms of my time it doesn't take much longer to walk than it did to take the bus.Is anyone else walking long(-ish) distances to work?

When you try to cancel subscriptions, many companies will offer a discounted subscription.

A company just gave me 75% for a year

Ikea LED lightbulbs in the ASIS section.

A long time ago I managed to score the equivalent of three shoeboxes of random Ikea lightbulbs for $8.I got a ton of Globe CFL's peanut halogen light bulbs. I gave a lot away, but recently I've been selling them off for a pittance on ebay and still making my money back.Now they have gotten rid of the CFL's, and are selling off their LED Lightbulbs. I got a 10 pack of bulbs. Some crappy useless, but I got 5 E26 bulbs, 2 of which are 10w and 13w dimmable bulbs. Worth about $10 each. All for $15.If you like Ikea, and like to peruse the as is section, it can be really worth it.Edit, at $1.50 per bulb, or thereabouts, the payback for purchasing 'used' bulbs which still have 15000 hours left on them should be pretty quick.

Don't discard the stalky ends of asparagus -- slow-cook them in a soup.

After you enjoy delicious asparagus with your salmon, or whatever, keep the harder, stalkier ends -- do not throw them away. I chopped them up and added them to a split-pea soup over the weekend. Simmered it for about five hours, and it came out delicious.

Don't get insurance from rental car companies if you already have car insurance for your own car.

When you rent a car, the sales person often pressures you into getting insurance. But, if you already have insurance (comprehensive & collision) for your own car, getting additional insurance from the rental car company would be a waste of money. Also, your credit card company might also provide insurance. See: also:;DR: Check your car insurance and/or credit card to see if they cover rental car before buying insurance from rental car companies.

For the cost of a highlighter you can often buy the cheapest pack of crayons and use them.

It's wonderful to grab a crayon as a highlighter and know that it's not going to be "low on ink" or dry. and to have a few colors to choose from for different areas of study.