Frugal tips

Give Your Pets A Bath

Got a pooch at home? Dogs and other pets can get stinky, causing an odor to naturally linger through a house or apartment. I recommend giving your canine a bath as soon as a smell starts to develop. A smelly home is inevitable with a dog, but you can lessen the impact of it through regular home cleaning and grooming. To keep your house smelling good all the time, make sure to frequently clean fabrics your pooch touches, mop floors, and wipe dirty paws off.

Freshen Up Fabrics In Your Home

Does your house or apartment smell a bit musty? Overtime, odor can form on fabrics, causing your home to smell unpleasant. For a fresh-smelling home, I recommend regularly throwing bed sheets, throw blankets, pillow covers, cushion covers etc. into the wash. One hack to make your house or apartment to smell amazing is to throw Downy In-Wash Scent beads into the wash with your fabrics to make your home smell like your favorite scents (I recommend the Downy Infusions in-Wash Scent Booster Beads with the Romantic White Tea and Peony scent!). The scent will linger for a long time and this is such a cheap way to make your house smell good without candles or other products.

Burn Some Incense

If you aren’t sure how to keep your house smelling good all the time, try incense. If you don’t like strong fragrances, I don’t recommend burning incense in your home (instead, try other suggestions from this post). If you love strong scents, try burning some incense! Your entire house will smell amazing and the aroma will linger for a while! For people who love deals, I recommend this 12 Variety Incense Sticks Set by Satya Bangalore. Not only do you get a huge amount of incense for less than $15, but these scents are probably the best out there!

Use An Air Purifier To Get Rid Of Smoke Smells

Cigarette smoke and general smoke causes unpleasant smells to linger throughout home. Not only is it a huge discomfort, but longterm exposure to these fumes are unhealthy and dangerous. Although air purifiers are not great at absorbing odors, they are effective at getting rid of smoke in our homes. Air purifiers are expensive, but you can get a small one for around $40 like this PureZone Mini Portable Air Purifier. Don’t let the size fool you! This product is powerful enough to purify an entire room! This is a cheap way to make house smoke-free and smell good.

Deodorize Any Stinky Shoes

Got stinky shoes? Smelly shoes can cause unpleasant smells to spread throughout your home. They are also embarrassing whenever you need to take off your shoes at someone’s home. To keep your house smelling good all the time, I recommend deodorizing your shoes with either a shoe deodorizer product or using natural remedies. For people looking to save a few bucks, I wrote a post on 3 natural remedies to naturally get rid of smelly shoes quickly.

Use A Toilet Spray Before Taking A Dump

Do you dislike your bathroom smelling like poop after you or a housemate does number two? If you have an unventilated bathroom, it might feel like a nightmare every time you take a dump. Luckily for you, toilet sprays help keep your bathroom smelling always fresh and lovely by spraying before you do your business. I recommend this Lavender Vanilla Scent by Poo-Pourri. This is a cheap way to make your bathroom and house smell sweet like vanilla!

Clean The Garbage Disposer

Got a stinky garbage disposer? If you haven’t cleaned your garbage disposer in a while, it could be a source of unpleasant smells in your home. One inexpensive hack to clean a garbage disposer is to toss some orange peels down the drain and turn on the disposer. This is a clever way to naturally clean a disposer and get rid of odors. Just be sure to cut the orange peels into small chunks before throwing them in! If the orange peel hack doesn’t work, you can buy a garbage disposer cleaner like this Glisten Disposer Care Freshener (less than $4!). All you do is drop a ball in and turn on the drain! This is a great way to keep your kitchen and house smelling good all the time!

Get A Dehumidifier

A dehumidifier won’t take out odors, but will help significantly reduce humidity in a room. Overtime, a damp space can cause mold and mildew. This can make your home smell uncomfortably musty or earthy. If you live in a humid area, I recommend getting a dehumidifier to help prevent mold and mildew growth. It won’t do anything to make your house or apartment smell good, but it is a cheap way to reduce any uncomfortable moisture and prevent mold. Dehumidifiers are expensive, but you can get a quality small one for less than $50 like this dehumidifier by SEAVON.

Use A PlugIn Air Fresher

How do you keep your house smelling good all the time with no effort? Use a plugIn air fresher like this Glade PlugIn Plus Air Freshener Clean Linen Scent Starter Kit (less than $15)! For busy parents and workers, a plugin air fresher is a clever product to make your home always fragrant. All you need to do is plug the air fresher in and replace it with refills when it runs out!

Use A Candle Warmer

A candle warmer is a cheap way to safely use candles at home without lighting them up. If you love candles, a candle warmer is a clever way make your entire house smell good and extend the life of your candles. A candle warmer quickly warms up a candle, releasing the candle’s scent into your house or apartment. Since candle warmers eliminate the chance of fire and smoke, you can safely leave them on all day (I do recommend turning them off when you leave your home). You can get a quality candle warmer for less than $10 like this highly rated one from Amazon.