Frugal tips

Don’t Buy Convenience Foods

You might have to really give this one some thought. When you go to the grocery store, buy whole foods and use every part, if you can. For example, buy a whole chicken, instead of boneless skinless chicken breasts. Then, use that chicken for food, make chicken broth, bone broth, food for your pet, get the idea?

  • No junk food including, chips, cookies, crackers, or ice cream
  • No tea bags or coffee pods
  • No frozen dinners
  • Nothing in a box or can You will be preparing your meals and food at home. This will take more time and more work but your wallet will thank you.

Drink water

We talked about this a bit above but to elaborate, you will be drinking tap water. No more bottled water or water filters. You’ll enjoy good ol’ tap water. Invest in a reusable water bottle and fill it up when you’re on the go, at public water fountains or restrooms. This easy change will save you a ton of money!

Shop Second Hand

Never buy clothes new..ever! When it’s absolutely necessary to replenish your wardrobe, shop second hand at the thrift shop, consignment store, or local goodwill store.

Explore Free Entertainment

Check out free activities to keep you entertained. Many communities offer an array of free local entertainment like:

  • Music in the park
  • Public library
  • Local parks Not to mention free fun stuff you can do at home like a movie marathon in your living room or hosting an indoor or outdoor picnic with your friends.

Hand Wash Laundry

Save on laundry costs by hand washing and line drying your garments. It is more work but it reduces the wear on your clothes and saves you money.

Buy in Bulk

You can save a ton if you switch to buying in bulk. A 40 pack of bottled waters at your bulk store costs less than a 24 pack at your regular grocery store. More supply, less costs. That’s the whole idea behind buying in bulk. The biggest money savers are in produce, meat and dairy. You can freeze what you don’t need and thaw it out for use later.

Grow your Food

Growing your food is a cost effective way to lower your food budget. You can’t grow everything but there is a lot that you can grow, like expensive produce. Buying local from your farmer’s market is a good way to save money while supporting local farmers too.

Make your Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning supplies are pricey. Make your own with cheap base ingredients like baking soda or vinegar.

Make Gifts

Instead of buying gifts for holidays, birthdays and special events, make them! There are a ton of cheap DIY gifts you can make at home. Here are 15 cheap gifts you can make yourself that cost almost nothing!

Cut the Cable

Cable television can be very expensive. Cut it out, but not completely. Transitioning to a streaming service like Netflix or Hulu, can slash your bill down by as much as 90%! These cable alternatives are a good way to keep you entertained without breaking the budget. You can also watch TV cheaply on your computer.