Frugal tips

Work a Second Job

Working a second job will bring in more income, which you can put toward your savings goals but it can also have perks. When I was in college, I worked at Pizza Hut. The perks? Huge discounts on food for employees plus we got to take home cancelled orders or eat them at work. During this time, my weekly grocery bill didn’t exceed around $25, partly because of all the free or steeply discounted food I had access to. Other job perks?

  • Free daycare
  • Free dry cleaning
  • Free food
  • Free supplies
  • Free car washes and detailing This one makes you think twice about getting a second job.

Only Flush Once a Week

This comes straight from an episode of Extreme Cheapstakes. The idea is to save water by only flushing the toilet once a week, regardless of what happened in there the entire week. Have you heard of this modified version: if it’s brown flush it down, if it’s yellow, let it mellow? What an extreme!

A human anus can warm a sausage to 37 degrees celsius

Do NOT use the toll transponder.

We all know not to fall for the many addons (insurance, fuel filler, etc.) but I just got hit with a new one. My rental car came with a transponder. I found myself at a toll road requiring exact change and was forced to use it. A $0.30 toll became $6.20 thanks to a $2.95/day use charge. A quick call got the $5.90 removed from my bill as a one-time courtesy but in the future I'll make sure to avoid using this "feature" again.Edit: Yes there are circumstances where this makes sense. This post was to hopefully alert a few people of this charge instead of learning the hard way (as I did). Customer service did mention it was on page 27 of the contract document I signed. Next time I rent a car I'll bring my lawyer. ;)Edit: Auto-corrected wrong word: fixed 'curiosity' to "courtesy"

Save money on fancy dress by learning to sew and making the outfit. this picture doesn't include the accessories, but the total cost of making this from scratch was around £8. Buying a handmade outfit like this would usually cost upwards of £30. This tip applies to clothing in general too.

TODAY is actually the best day for cheap turkeys.

Yesterday Stop n Shop had turkeys from $0.99-$1.29/lb, but today they had them for $0.29/lb (including the organic free range turkeys). Last year they had them for $0.99/lb day after and $0.49/lb on Saturday, so I can confirm this is a continuous trend. If you feel like you missed out yesterday, today is the day to get yourself a cheap turkey!

When travelling to Geneva, Switzerland.

Geneva is rated as one of the most expensive cities to live in, but as a visitor there are a few things that you could do to save money. I would like to share two items that I feel not enough people know about.* At Geneva Airport (just after reclaiming your baggage, but before you enter the customs zone) there are public transport ticket machines. These machines offer tickets for free. The ticket is valid for all forms of public transport within Geneva for 1 hour (enough to get to your hotel)* As part of your hotel perks, the hotels offer free public transport vouchers for the duration of your stay. Simply ask at reception. This is sponsored by the city so chances are that you will be entitled to this, it is free, so just ask.Hope this helps you save a few francs when you come to visit!

Make your own laundry detergent.

I have been doing this for close to a year now and it's amazing. One bulk buy of supplies equals probably about 15 - 20 brand detergents.1 10 pack of Ivory (7.50)1 KG Washing soda (DO NOT BUY BAKING SODA) (6.00)2 Boxes Borax (12 total)As you can see this works out to just over $25 where the other washes would cost you 12 a pop if you are buying name brand like tide.Recipe:1 ivory bar finely grated1cup borax1 cup washing sodaUse 2-4 table spoons per regular load! #Voila

If you're using condoms, buy them online.

Drugstores have huge price markups. For example, a 24-pack of Durex is $5.82 on Amazon, versus the 3-pack you would get at CVS for the same price.