Gaming tips

Hover Junkers is not a standing experience.

If you are not ducking, bending, on your knees, peeking, and jumping then you are going to have a low score. Standing in the middle of your hover craft is a recipe for low scores.I'm usually terrible at these types of games in the flat world. I find I'm often #1/#2 in HJ though. And I can always see that the low score people seem to stand in the middle of their craft and shoot.

Portal now uses Steam Cloud. Before running it on your Mac, run it on your old system first to upload your save games to the cloud to avoid sync conflicts later. I found this out the hard way.

Gamestop bundles.

I live in an area where the only to retailers within an hour's drive are GameStop and Best Buy. So my chances to find an in-store switch are pretty low. When checking the GameStop, which is not my favorite place to shop by any means, the clerk said that they had bundles available for order. She said they seem to be prioritizing filling these orders rather than shipping to the store, and she's seen most ship within 2 business days. Better yet, she let me know that all the add-ons can be returned to the store (though I didn't ask or try to return the Zelda DLC).So I thought I'd give it a shot and just return it if I found one before it shipped. It shipped the next business day and I had it four days after that. I then proceeded to return Super Bomberman since I had no interest in it and traded the joycon for a pro controller.Just thought I'd share away that might work for some people to get a switch faster and without paying scalpers ridiculous amounts of money.

Nickmercs (Nick Kolcheff)

Logo designing is not rocket science. There are definitely a few options to make your life way easier. Let’s explore those options:

  • You design your logo on your own if you have good designing skills
  • You can hire a designer to bring to life your creations, agency, or freelancer
  • You can create your own logo parting from pre-made templates
  • Open a contest for your logo! You can take advantage o the creativity of different designers and pay for the one design that you love the most!

Layout is Key

Choosing a clean layout will help your logo look amazing in any application. Whether it’s printed on your merch, standing on your channel, or in your social media posts. Always keep in mind how your logo will look like in different places.

Choosing Your Logo Style

You can make a choice about your style according to your preferred gaming period or simply your preferred game. Tell viewers with your logo style what to expect from you.

Text & More than Words

Write down your logo name! Help your visitors remember who you are. Create a brand’s name to use on your logo. Avoid using your personal name, unless you are planning to brand your whole channel around it! However, we would advise you to think about something a little more creative than your personal name. Maybe use a combination of your name and something else; you can use your user name, use a pseudonym, etc. Typefaces can help create a genre for your logo. There are a million possibilities when choosing a gaming logo typeface so take your time.

Colors to Win the Game

Using colors, you can add and provoke emotions into your logo. Red, for example, usually ads passion to a logo design, blue is security, and so on. You can also check out our color psychology post to decide which colors will go best with what you want to express. You can also align your colors to the game you are most awesome at. For example, if you are a retro gamer, maybe you would then go with more bright neon colors to use as your logo and basically your overall identity.

Create a Gaming Logo that Represents You as a Gamer

Think about what you want your logo to reflect. Do you want to look fierce, do you what to look funny and accessible, do you want to look mysterious? The truth is there is no perfect logo for anyone, but the most successful logo is that one that truly represents your brand. To get closer to the perfect logo, ask yourself a few things:

Learn the Edge Guarding technique

Not being able to recover and not letting recover are two different things. If your opponent is thrown outside the platform, you can stay near the edge so as to prevent them from recovering. This technique is known as Edge guarding. It requires precise anticipation and perfect timing to catch the enemy especially when they’re in the air. Edge guarding is super effective especially in higher ranks where players know to recover from very distant falls, in such situations, edge guarding can be very useful as it assures you to seal those important knockouts which help you win more games eventually.