Top 10 Gaming tips

Shelter in mid-air

Building yourself a shelter should be your foremost priority. But for a shelter that actually shields you, it should not be on the ground. It might seem weird, but if you try to camp on the floor, you will get killed by the attackers in no time. So, the smartest thing to do is to construct your house in the sky. It is safe, easier to handle, and even provides you with an amazing view!

Learn to Dodge attacks

Akin to Dashing is Dodging, it can be done using the same button just you Dodge if you’re not pressing any directional buttons on the D-pad. Dodging allows players’ attacks to go through you. Dodging can be very useful to safely evade attacks which might be fatal for you and might throw you off the platform, using Dodge in this scenario not only allows you to evade safely but also counter your opponent. Good use of Dodging can change the entire tide of the game but remember that Dodge cannot be spammed, after one use, you have to wait sometime to use it again. Dodging is a very essential skill but has to have a very precise timing otherwise the Dodge won’t be successful. So jump into the training mode and practice till you’re Dodging signature attacks with ease.

Learn how throwing weapons can be beneficial

There is an option in the game which lets you throw your weapon, at first it looks like an aspect which lets you just throw away your weapon if you want to change it, but even this can be used in combat. Throwing your weapon at enemies hits them, and after the weapon which has been thrown, falls on the ground it can be picked up within a second or two. This feature allows you to include throws in your combos so that you can stun enemies from long range, it can be very useful if you do this just before engaging. You can throw your weapon at a player and immediately pick it up and continue attacking him. Many times even throwing your weapon at enemies in the air can prevent them from recovering from a fall, this can be very useful to KO people easily.


Apart from the shelter, place your work table at the top of the roofs too. For if the enemies break it down, you can just laze on them. Moreover, there is no reason to panic about dropping from the heights, as Muck does not consider any drop-down damage.

Master the attacking Combos

Offence is the best Defence. Keep attacking your opponents with endless and unavoidable combos to destroy them in seconds. Each and every character in Brawlhalla has it’s own set of combos that you can perform. Combos have the power to change the flow of the game immediately. Connecting one full-length combo can instantaneously drain your opponents’ health. The combos are usually so fast that it won’t allow any window for any counterattack. Each and every character has it’s own unique sets of combos, so make sure to practice and get familiar with your favourite ones.

Who is Big Chunk?

The ultimate boss that you have to fight in Muck is a big chunk! He is made out of stone, and one attack from him can completely demolish your health bar. The best way to fight him is by being under him and stabbing with your sword. Also, keep an eye out for the devilish goblins that he generates. They are designed to kill you. And they will, without any doubt, do so too! Try staying near the big chunk and keep using your sword on him.

Invite your friends!

Muck can also be played online with your friends. It probably does not seem like a beneficial setting, but playing with friends is always more fun. Plus, it is easier to progress in the game, and you can help each other with different things.

Mastering a Character or Weapon

There are over 50 Characters(Legends) in Brawlhalla and each of them has unique moves and sets. There are 12 types of weapons in Brawlhalla namely Axe, Blaster, Bow, Cannon, Gauntlets, Grapple Hammer, Orb, Katars, Rocket Launcher, Scythe, Spear and Sword. Each type of weapon has its own strengths and weaknesses. Try to learn and master one or two types of weapons instead of learning all the weapons up. This helps you find more innovative and effective ways to use your weapon and character which will often take the enemy by surprise. So jump into the Training mode and start grinding away to mastery.

Make some room

Entertain a lobby and ask your friends to connect with you using the password or code given to you. Commence the game once all of your friends have arrived. If you start it beforehand, the ones that were not able to join will not be allowed to get in the room again. Entering the password will tell them that the game has already started.

Jumping can recover even if you are pushed out

While playing Brawlhalla, very often you’ll get pushed out of the platform so far that you will start feeling that there is no return, but many times it’s actually possible to recover from that situation. Firstly, don’t panic and use up all your jumps in quick succession. Using your jumps quickly shortens your jump length. Instead, use your first jump, wait for your character to travel the entire length, and use your second jump. You can also use your attacks and even your dodge to propel your character in the air. You can also stick to the sides of the platform to regain all your jumps. Use all these moves wisely and you can recover from the farthest of distances with ease.