Gardening tips

Start seedlings in old egg flats instead of paying for peat pellets!

Make sure you have adequate space or pots for your plants, or you will have beautiful plants looking tacky in plastic pots. That peony tho

The left picture is caterpillar poop. When you see these little black dots on leaves, look above and around that area on the plant, and you’ll find the culprit like this one on the underside of my basil leaf. This was a small one a hornworm would leave a much larger pile

Remember your gardening gloves. 1 inch splinter I removed from my wife’s hand.

Start a photo blog for your gardening season. It's easy and it makes sharing and enjoying your progress REALLY helpful and fun!.

I constantly look back at previous years of progress and chuckle at the things I did and the things I've learned... I can't recommend doing this enough! 2018 Album, work in progress 2017 Album

Make some Mumsey Magic mix!.

Thought I’d share this... been using this for over a decade now when planting tomatoes and it has never failed me. 1 part bone meal1 part cornmeal1/2 part powdered milk1/4 epsom saltMix together and toss a handful into each hole and mix in with the loose dirt upon planting. Bone meal provides phosphorous, powdered milk for the calcium, epsom salt for magnesium and the cornmeal acts as an anti-fungal additive.Search “mumsey magic mix” on google for yourself, read about it and perhaps give it a try. My tomato plants grow large and healthy with no blossom end rot, all I can say is it works well for me!

Plant 10x the recommended amount of seeds so that only the strongest survive

When you're planting seeds and cannot remember if they're jalapenos or green peppers...always assume they're jalapenos. Trust me.

Your nose and eyes will thank you