Gardening tips

Give The Weeds Cornmeal For Their Last Supper

Sounds corny? It does, but then again it isn’t because surprisingly, cornmeal is effective at keeping weeds at bay! Use the cornmeal in all places you want to prevent weed seeds from sprouting. Be careful when using it around your garden, as it prevents most types of seeds from germinating. Tip: Wait until your plants are established before using cornmeal, apparently it’s contraception for seeds. Woah!

Kill Weeds Through Smothering – Lay Down Some Cardboard

This is a great option if you have a walkway that is starting to bud many weeds. To create a clear walkway through your garden, lay down some cardboard over the top of the weeds and cover it with some mulch. The weeds will have a difficult time tearing through the cardboard since it’s much thicker and the weeds suffocate and die. This also works well to create an almost instant seed garden bed. Just 2 weeks prior to planting, lay down cardboard mulch, water it, then wait. When it’s planting time, make holes in the cardboard, place your plants in the holes, and that’s it!

Kill Some Weeds By Sprinkling Some Borax

If ground ivy is taking over your garden or yard, borax is an effective, natural way to get rid of it without killing surrounding grasses! Borax contains a naturally occurring ingredient called boron that many plants need for proper growth, except for ground ivy. It’s actually toxic to this type of weed and can naturally help you get rid of them!

Save Plastic Pots

Speaking of reducing soil in container gardens, save small plastic nursery pots—especially the little six packs—and flip them upside down in the bottom of large containers. The space they occupy translates to less soil required in the pot and a lighter container garden.

Cut Off Their Heads…The Weed’s Head!

I know it sounds gory but the only heads we’ll be chopping off are those on weeds. Sometimes, removing a weed from the ground might be difficult, depending on where it’s located or if it’s connected to another plant close by. What you can do is at least chop off their heads to reduce reseeding and limit the spread of the weeds. Be sure to be gentle otherwise you’ll be countering your weed-killing efforts by spreading the seeds. It’s still productive!

DIY Sprinkler

Poke holes in a water or soda bottles. Attach it to the end of your hose with waterproof tape. Turn on the hose and you’ll have a nice DIY sprinkler to water your plants.

Use Soap

Tired of dirt inside and around your nails? Slide them over a bar of soap before gardening to cover pesky crevices that would normally get dirt lodged inside. After gardening, just wash your hands. The soap will wash off with no dirt in sight.

Plant Seasonal Plants the Easy Way

This isn’t rocket science but it might be a tip you’ve never considered. If you like to rotate plants in and out of your garden, make the job easier by leaving their containers on when planting them in the ground. This way, you can slip them in and out with ease especially if you choose the same sized plant each time. It goes like this… plant an empty one-gallon pot in the ground. Buy a one-gallon plant, leave its container on and slip it into the planted container. Easy in, easy out.

Get Rust-Free Tools

Pour builder’s sand into a bucket and store your tools in it with the blades facing down. The sand will help prevent the tools from rusting, which is all too common of a problem in coastal homes.

Get Mosquito-Free Rain Barrels

Goldfish chow on mosquito larvae so add some to your rain barrels. Use netting on top to prevent the birds from scooping them up, if your rain barrel doesn’t already have a cover. San Diego temperatures allow goldfish to remain outdoors year-round, but if you don’t live in a temperate climate, you’ll need to bring them indoors during winters. This  hack will also require a barrel with a spigot high enough on the barrel so the goldfish aren’t released when you drain it.