Gardening tips

Labeling plants in your garden may be benefitted

Even if you’ve only planted many different seed forms, it’s a good idea to mark what they are and where you’ve planted.

Gardening Tricks: Pair plants to Help them Grow

Pair your garden plants together.  Plants can have soul-mates just like people!  And they can compliment each other so well.  Research the plants you are putting into your garden and pair or group them together so they help each other.  Like Corn and Beans!  They love each other and promote each others growth… but dont plant them beside beets or they will stunt each others growth.  Research your plants and pair them with their soulmates.

Clean veggies with Vinegar

Use a mixture of two parts water and one part of vinegar (here is a recipe/instructions).  The vinegar will kill the bacteria on the produce… AND if you let the vegetables soak in vinegar it will remove the pesticides as well (but it can effect the flavor – with strawberries and some fruit this will sweeten the fruit, with other veggies you may taste an after taste).  We suggest using Apple Cider Vinegar.

Wash Lettuce in the garden.

Lettuce can be excetionally dirty in the garden.  Do your initial wash with the water you will water your plants with!!  This keeps the dirt IN your garden beds. AND it is a total time saver… Wash your produce right after you harvest them to save you from taking dirty fruits and veggies into the kitchen. This tub and colander (affiliate) combo is the perfect tool.

Label Garden Plants to Remember What is Planted Where.

Garden markers can help you easily identify what’s planted where. We love these wine cork and fork garden markers. You can use them as decor in your potted plants, too! (See more wine cork projects.)

Gardening Tricks – Create a Patio Garden using Tubs.

Is yard space limited? Hack Rubbermaid containers to grow your own container garden on your back porch. They’re large enough to accommodate just about anything you’d want to plant.

Contain Gardening Tools with an Old Golf Bag.

Use an old golf bag as a caddy for your garden tools.  Upcycle your old bag instead of throwing it away.  Golf bags are extremely durable, and they stand up, meaning your gardening and weeding tools will be contained with a minimum amount of floor space being used!  You’re garden and tool shed will thank you.  Perfect for rakes, shovels, hoes, and more.

Store your gardening tools – In the garden!

If your mailbox has seen better days, replace it and put the old one near your garden to store your garden tools.  With this clever gardening storage tip, you won’t need to go all the way to the shed to grab a tool, they will be right there, where you need them the most.

Repurpose Winter Sleds to Drag Dirt, Stones & Landscaping Items

Use a sled to easily transport heavy items to and from your garden shed.  After moving literally DOZENS of bags of dirt and mulch last weekend, let me tell ya, this easy-to-do gardening hack will help you more than any other!!  Your back will thank you!

Create a Bug-Free Baby Zone While You Garden

Want to bring the baby out with you to the garden? Put a crib sheet over the pack and play to provide shade and to keep bugs away.  This allows your kiddo to enjoy the outdoor sun while helping you focus on the garden, knowing that your kiddo is safe and content outside.  Added perk, they cant throw their toys out of the playpen!!