Top 10 Gardening tips

A leftover rotisserie chicken container makes a great mini greenhouse!

Fork Your Garden to keep the critters out.

Plastic forks inserted stem side down into the ground can help keep little critters away from small plants. Use biodegradable forks (not pictured) plastic can leech into the soil.  We want your plants to be as healthy as possible.  Totally going to try it this year to deter our annual bunny invaders.

Add Calcium to your soil with eggshells

Place eggshells around the bottoms of plants to add calcium to the soil – an added perk, the shells also discourage pests and small bugs.  Plants in the species: Brassica oleracea are especially hungry for extra calcium, those are plants like broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, Brussel sprouts, and more.  To help the eggshells be absorbed more quickly into your garden – stick them into the blender and powderize them.  Your garden will thank you.

Use Garden Tarps to protect and prepare your garden.

Plastic groundsheets are a gift if you are an early planter.  They make terrific raised bed covers, as well as even ground heating!  You can start seedlinigs with translucent cover, and if you are in a cold climate you can even use a black cover sheet to warm up the soil before you put your seeds or plants in the ground.So many ways your garden will thank you with just plastic sheeting and binder clips.

Clever Garden Tip: Wrap Tomato Plants in Plastic

Insulate tomato plants with plastic wrap if you live in a cooler climate. It creates a greenhouse effect and warms up the plants to help them thrive. (We have more plastic wrap hacks!)  Your tomato plants will have a head start so you will have more tomatoes all season long!

Beginners: Do a quick mason jar soil test

Knowledge is power, in life and in gardening.  Determine if the soil composition of your garden space, is sandy, clay, or silt – even degrading compost.  Know what your soil makeup is using a mason jar “test” and then you can make adjustments as necessary.

Protect Your Garden from Pests.

Do you have a lot of rabbits?  Even raccoons??  They can decimate a garden in mere hours.  One of the best tips to avoid having your garden munched on, is to stake a rope just 4-5 inches off the ground.  It is low enough to deter small animals, and not high to make it hard to tend the garden.

Don’t over-water your garden.

Using a watering can is better than a straight hose.  This is especially important with young shoots, when you are first planting your garden.  Gentle watering is imperative.  Make your spring gardening chores easier with a DIY watering can. It’s the perfect size for watering seedlings and small plants.

Create a Self-Watering Garden

Super EASY gardening tricks:  If you are going out of town and want to make sure that your plants get enough water while you are gone?? Use an old water bottle or even a milk jug.  Poke small holes into the sides of the bottle.  Then, you can bury it in the ground, so that the water doesn’t evaporate as it drips slowly into the soil.  Your plants will thank you when you go on vacation.