Top 10 Gardening tips

Gardening Idea: Start Seedlings in Eggshells

Looking for new ways to start your garden??  Consider using biodegradable items from your kitchen.  You can start your seeds in eggshells. By starting your seeds instead of buying plants that have already begun to grow, you can save big bucks on your gardening costs.  Beans, squash, cucumbers, melons, all of them are easy to start in eggshells.  When it is time to plant them just lightly tap the shell to crack it before planting the entire egg, shell and plant into your garden.

Seedling pods help your plants get a healthy start

Create your own seedling pods using newspaper.  You can fold origami paper cups – they take mere seconds to make!  Then fill them with soil, some seeds.  Added perk of using newspaper, you will be able to tell if the plant is getting too much or too little water as you can see the moisture in the paper.  SHMART!  Newspaper disintegrates fairly quickly making it a better choice for fast-growing plants.  We’ve used newspaper pods for our beans and melons.

Help new plants have a solid start and be protected.

Use a gallon milk jug.  Cut the bottom out of your milk jug and place this around your new plants.  This helps those plants who are between the seedling phase, but not yet strong enough for all the elements and storms (or rabbits!) to have a great solid start.  Be sure to leave the lid off your jug so the plants can breathe as they grow.  You only need to use the jugs for a week or two in your garden.

Keep hanging plants watered.

Hanging plants have a tendency to dry out quickly.  Water pours through the planters it is hard to keep the soil in them fertilized… and with the sun beaming on the soil, often plants struggle.  No more.  Put a diaper in potted plants to help them retain moisture. Neat!  The silica in the diaper retains the moisture and waters the plants consistently.  We would suggest using organic chemical-free diapers if this is for an edible plant.  You should also sprinkle some fertilizer into the bottom of the planter.  Retaining moisture and nutrients is the hanging plant’s biggest struggle.

Create a Bug-Free Baby Zone While You Garden

Want to bring the baby out with you to the garden? Put a crib sheet over the pack and play to provide shade and to keep bugs away.  This allows your kiddo to enjoy the outdoor sun while helping you focus on the garden, knowing that your kiddo is safe and content outside.  Added perk, they cant throw their toys out of the playpen!!

Repurpose Winter Sleds to Drag Dirt, Stones & Landscaping Items

Use a sled to easily transport heavy items to and from your garden shed.  After moving literally DOZENS of bags of dirt and mulch last weekend, let me tell ya, this easy-to-do gardening hack will help you more than any other!!  Your back will thank you!

Store your gardening tools – In the garden!

If your mailbox has seen better days, replace it and put the old one near your garden to store your garden tools.  With this clever gardening storage tip, you won’t need to go all the way to the shed to grab a tool, they will be right there, where you need them the most.

Contain Gardening Tools with an Old Golf Bag.

Use an old golf bag as a caddy for your garden tools.  Upcycle your old bag instead of throwing it away.  Golf bags are extremely durable, and they stand up, meaning your gardening and weeding tools will be contained with a minimum amount of floor space being used!  You’re garden and tool shed will thank you.  Perfect for rakes, shovels, hoes, and more.

Gardening Tricks – Create a Patio Garden using Tubs.

Is yard space limited? Hack Rubbermaid containers to grow your own container garden on your back porch. They’re large enough to accommodate just about anything you’d want to plant.

Label Garden Plants to Remember What is Planted Where.

Garden markers can help you easily identify what’s planted where. We love these wine cork and fork garden markers. You can use them as decor in your potted plants, too! (See more wine cork projects.)