Golf tips

Strike the ball on different parts of the club face to extend the life of your wedge grooves. It’s like rotating your tires.

New irons are the ultimate excuse

Use Your Ball for Reference.

I saw this guy teeing his ball up and part of his pre-shot routine was rolling the ball around the tee on the ground to ensure the ball was the correct height off the ground. It also tells him if the ground is uneven.The tee boxes around me are awful and I thought this was great, started doing it and realized a few times that even with the line on my tee even with the ground often the ground was higher behind the tee than in front of it. I'm hitting the ground far less often before the ball and getting much more consistent strikes on Driver because the ball is always about the same height.That's it, just thought I'd share.

Hitting bad with my driver so...

After a lot of research and a suggestion from someone, I decided instead of purchasing a new driver or shaft, I went with tipping my driver 3/4 inch. My launch angles were about 17-18º and 3800rpm, and just the simple change to the shaft brought me down to 14-15º with between 2850-3200rpm. Don't think you always need something new, if you can't get fitted, research simple changes that can help your game! The tipping of my driver was $20 at Roger Dunn! Thanks to all the people that have given advice and helped here. TLDR Took 3/4 inch off the tip of my driver and drastically helped my drives for $20.

If you ever hear "fore" while you're on the green, duck and run towards the flag stick!.

Never seen someone get hit standing next to the flag