Golf tips


Focus on what you want and where the disc needs to go. Sometimes people call this tunnel vision. Cut out all of the distraction around you and do your best to crush your next throw.

Don’t rush yourself

This is critically important! This applies most for putting, but in all of your shots, don’t rush to throw. Rushing will only get you into situations that you don’t want to be in. Take a few breaths, see where you want the disc to go, then throw.

Don’t sacrifice your par

This is a simple concept and I can’t stress it enough. When you’re playing, whether you are approaching the basket or putting from 60 feet out, don’t sacrifice your par. It may be ego or whatever, but if the shot is too intense, just lay the shot up near the basket. That way you can smash the par and move on.

Play with just a putter

Sometimes I will use a mid-range putter to practice with. It never gets you a lot of distance, but it can help you work on your accuracy for when you move back up to mid-range or driver. I use the Westside Discs Harp (link to to play my putter rounds. It’s a solid mid-range putter that flies really straight. Again, check out the putter post in the tip above.

Disc down

Sometimes, to improve, you need to disc down. This means putting the driver back in you bag and pulling out a mid-range or even less to help you get more accurate. A couple of great mid-range discs to play with include the Innova Atlas, the Discraft Buzzz SS, and the Dynamic Discs Evidence. You can find all of those on Check out the posts below to find a few disc down discs for your bag:

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If you’re doing bad, just relax or quit for the day

Sometimes you can’t quit playing, because you may be in a tournament or a serious round with friends. If this is the case, and your score sucks, just try to relax a little bit. Take a breather for a few minutes and drink some water. Eat a snack if you need to and get focused to keep playing. If it’s a light day and you can do so, just quit for the day. Every once in a while I need to just stop playing and head home. It’s only happened a couple of times to me but it’s very frustrating. I know how you feel, but just call it a day and try coming back fresh tomorrow.

Don’t worry about creepy crawlies

Just like with my tip about the trees, don’t worry about creepy crawlies while you’re playing. I’m kind of a hypocrite because I always try to avoid spiders. I hate running through webs. But the crazy thing is that I always think about spiders and I run into them multiple times per round. I never think about snakes and I very rarely see them.

Don’t think about the trees or obstructions

If you do this one thing, you will improve your disc golf game in the woods 100% percent. Don’t worry about the trees. Just stop thinking about them. They don’t go away and you will hit them, so just play. Ever since I started doing that, my game has gotten a lot better in the woods. Yours will improve, too. If you’d like to see a really tough wooded course, check out this video on the front 9 from the 2018 Idlewild Open at the Idlewild Disc Golf Course in Burlington, Kentucky. Link to the video above on YouTube.

Always think about your situation and strategize

This tip furthers the last tip. Not only do you need to think about disc placement, but about your strategy for the entire hole and the entire round. Line of sight is important. So is how exactly you’re going to get through trees, over a swamp, and laid up next to the basket for a birdie. You need to think hard about every factor of your current hole and then build a strategy for your round.

Disc placement

Now that you’re getting better, if you really want to take your game up a notch, this tip is crucial. You have to start thinking about disc placement at every single shot. With that being said, you have to assess every shot and find where you want the disc to land. What line of sight will get you there? Is it better to play it safe or do you have a chance at a riskier shot? What shot will you use to perfect your line of sight? It’s a lot to think about, but you have to know where to place the disc if you want to get better.