Golf tips

Think about how you’ve been playing and evaluate yourself and your game

After your next round, while you’re driving or relaxing at the house, sit for a few minutes and ponder about your last round…and the few before that one. How did you play? What do you need to improve on? How can you get better? Just think. This always helps me.

Enter and play a local tournament to test what you’ve learned

I know some of you may be like, “I don’t want to play in front of other people! I’ve got stage fright!” I know, I don’t really like it either. But if you really want to get better, and make this thing more of a lifestyle than a hobby, you have to enter and get experience in some tournaments. This is a big step in the improvement process.

Watch better players play at the local course

This kind of goes hand in hand with joining a local club or checking out a pro tournament or two. Ask a few good players if you can tag along and get some tips during your round. You might even make some new friends while you play.

Join a local disc golf club

Joining up with the local club can help you meet new people and improve your game. Just type, “disc golf club (insert your city and state),” and you should be able to get information on one or two clubs in your area.

Lead with your elbow

After your rotation make sure you lead with your elbow into the throw. This will help you make sure everything is straight like you want it.

Grip not too tight or too loose

Grip on the disc is extremely important. Don’t grip your disc too tight or too loose. Too loose and the disc will slip out of your hands too early. Too tight and the disc will hang on too long and hook around completely screwing up your shot. You want to be holding the disc right in the middle. Not too tight or too loose, but just right. Work on this as your grip will essentially determine if you have a good or bad shot. Zach Melton has a good video on grip that I’ve put below. Link to the video above on YouTube. Keep a balanced grip or else you’ll end up like Richard… NOTE the video below has bad language

Don’t run up on the tee pad

Let me be Frank with this – do not run up on the tee pad for momentum. You don’t need to do that. You may be able to throw it 400 feet. But you probably won’t be accurate. Use technique and smooth motion to throw your disc. Those two things will help you get better and better until you can throw 400 plus feet exactly where you want it. Also, you might end up hurting yourself like I did if you try to run up and throw it too hard. I tore my rotator cuff and it’s never been the same.

Slow is smooth and smooth is far

So far, you’ve started throwing with good technique and you’ve scrapped your mindset of, “I have to throw the disc as far as I can.” Now you can start to understand the finer points of the game including this tip – slow is smooth and smooth is far. You’re not thinking about distance. You’re thinking about being smooth in your throwing motions. Don’t try to bomb it or jerk it. Just go through the motions in a smooth manner. After a few throws, everything should start improving.

Get Lessons Early

If you’re a brand new golfer, you have the advantage of not having formed bad habits over years or decades like a lot golfers. Instead of trying to learn how to play the sport on your own, hire a swing coach. Even a few lessons to work on the fundamentals will help you drastically speed up success. A good swing coach will help you get your feet, hips, and shoulders square to the target. From there, they can help you with your takeaway, transition, and downswing. Plus, they can work with your chipping and pitching skills. Create the right habits from the beginning to become a solid golfer from the start.

Tee It Forward

As a beginner golfer, I highly recommend teeing it forward. Don’t make the course more difficult by trying to play the tips or one back from them. This will leave you with a lot of long approach shots which will likely slow your round down and not make it a very fun experience. Instead, tee it forward or start playing on par-three golf courses. As you evolve, keep playing different tees and new golf courses. I bet you will have a lot more fun and probably keep the foursome behind you a lot happier as well.