Golf tips

Practice. Daily.

A lot of people have criticized some of my other posts because I’ve put practice as a disc golf tip. Well, duh, you have to practice! But I don’t just emphasize practice and leave it at that. I want you to take it to the next level in order to be a next level disc golfer. I want you to practice every single day. Again, if you’re only out on the course for casual rounds, you don’t have to spend huge amounts of time practicing. Just work on your game and improve over time. But I want to improve quickly. And I’m sure you do, too. If so, you’ve got to put in the work required to rapidly improve. For this, you’re going to want to practice daily (or as much as possible) and play at least 1-2 rounds per week. You also need a good practice routine. A routine is a sequence of actions regularly followed or in a fixed program. In this case, it’s practicing disc golf. You want to establish an everyday regular practice routine that can be repeated daily. It can be as easy as working on a different part of your game every day. Monday putting, Tuesday driving, Wednesday workout, Thursday approach, Friday field work, and a Saturday round. Then I would rest on Sunday or skip Saturday and play on Sunday. And you don’t have to practice for long. 15-20 minutes can really up your game if you practice every day. I would also recommend that you buy some personal practice equipment to help you with practice. We’ll go over this is #9. The last thing I want to say is to make sure you are consistent and effective with your practice. Screwing around won’t make you better. Check out our disc golf drills section in #10 for some good ways to practice different parts of your game.

Don’t worry about distance

When you first start out and are trying to get better, it seems like the baskets are always so far away. Yeah, they are. But don’t worry yourself to death with distance. You have multiple throws to get your disc to the basket, so pay attention to your technique and keep throwing it towards the basket. You will get there.

Focus on technique

As a beginner or amateur player, you need to focus on throwing technique if you want to improve your game. Stop worrying about speed, distance, or anything else your ego is making you think about. Put your ego aside and learn the beginner throwing techniques. Our post, “7 Steps to the Best Disc Golf Technique and a Perfect Throw,” should have you covered. You can also see some throwing basics in the video below. Link to the video above on YouTube.

Playing against someone can help you get better

A little competition can bring out the best in people, especially when it comes to disc golf. Some of my best rounds have been me versus one of my friends. If you’d like to read an interesting article, check out, “How to Beat a Better Player,” on (don’t worry, it’s not about tennis).

Learn about the different types of discs

There are many types of discs, but the main three are driver, mid-range, and putter. Boom! You’ve already learned something. For an easy explanation on this, check out our recent post, “What Are the Different Types of Disc Golf Discs.” You can also see how many discs you should carry her in our article, “How Many Discs Do You Need to Play Disc Golf.”

Learn about how a disc works

A great way to immediately improve your game and start getting better is to learn about how a disc works. Check out our post, “How Does a Disc Golf Disc Fly Through the Air,” for a great reference on disc flight. You can also check out a couple of good source articles on this: The Australian Flying Disc Association has a good article called, “The Physics of Disc Flight.” You can also read, “What Makes a Golf Disc Fly,” here on

Actually get out on the course and play

You can do this before or after you read this whole list, but you need to get out on the course and play. No matter what you learn or hear or watch, go out to your local course and get some reps in. That’s how you get better.

If you’re injured, don’t play

Something to think about before you play is the status of your body. I’ve been injured a ton of times in my life and I always try to stubbornly play through the injury. It always ends up with me getting hurt worse. If you’re hurt in any way, take a break and skip a week or two. That way you can get back on the course soon and be at 100% percent. Check out our post, “The 11 Step Plan to Recover After a Disc Golf Workout,” to help with healing your body if you’re injured.

Always stretch before you throw

One very important part of your game should be stretching before every round. This is extremely important so that you get loose and don’t hurt yourself when you throw. For a quick video on how to stretch before you play, check out our best disc golf stretches video on Youtube, or check out our our awesome post on stretching, “The 17 Best Disc Golf Stretches to Improve Your Game.”

Practice A LOT…seriously, like DAILY

tip number one is something you’ll see in every single tips list when you search for, “best disc golf tips,” on google. Why? Because it is hands down one of the most important tips if you want to get better at, well, anything. If you truly want to take your game to the next level, you need to put in work and practice.