Golf tips

Pick up your feet.

Played a round while on vacation last week, and the greens were all torn up by some cleat-wearing asshole who couldn't pick up his feet when he walked. You could literally follow his track onto the green to his first putt, across the green to his next putt, to the hole to retrieve his ball, and back off the green.How do you not notice that you are cutting up every green you walk on?

F the * the ° is your friend!.

Hey kids, here's a fun little tip for you. When you're talking about the degrees of loft on a club, don't go the amateur route by saying it's a 60* loft. Go pro and drop that 60° on em!Here's the super easy way to do it. Whenever you want to lay down the degrees, hold in your alt key and type 0176 on the 10-key. Let go of the alt key and BAM °This pro-tip was -100° of cool

Have your "Easter egg" hunt at the golf course.

Trade a piece of chocolate for every ProV1-tier and a Jelly Bean for every Top Flite-tier. Kids will love it and you'll come out ahead.

Don't use your 3 wood as an alignment stick (wasn't me)

Never consult golf buddies if you’re “just browsing”

Free Birthday Rounds.

A conversation with my usual foursome over the weekend has sparked this thread. I am not sure if everyone is aware, but many courses will offer various deals for your birthday. Sometimes it is a free round, or a highly discounted round. I have played some of the nicest courses in Southern California for my birthday, because they were free. It is really easy, visit and there is a tab that says 'Birthday Golf,' click that tab. The page will now display many of the courses that offer some sort of discount, special or free round. Most of the courses listed are California, but there are some other states as well. Hopefully this helps someone out.Whats up with the downvotes for free golf? Some people on this sub are straight vile individuals.

Bring your dog to fetch your shanks!

If you're new and been practicing a while / have hand me downs - change your grips.

I got into golf somewhat seriously ~ 1.5 years ago. Started taking lessons, working on swing - standard stuff. It wasn't until a buddy of mine looked at my clubs as if they were owned by a Victorian era leper that i decided it was time for a change. Did the entire process myself with a utility knife, tape / solvent combo kit, and grips. Got some new Winn-tac dry grips and i must say.. the control i now have is amazing.. Dare i say.. golf is now easier than it was?