Golf tips

Keeping your glove in the plastic case it came in saves you 10 rounds.

The Pro at a golf course I worked at told me that once you were done playing, you should take your glove off, flatten it and place it back in the plastic case it came in. It will save you at least 10 rounds from wear n tear. Tried it for the first time this year and it definitely works. In years past I used to go through at least 2-3 gloves a season. Still working on my first.

Always continue learning

This is something that I personally always do in my life. Continuous learning in everything is a must, but if you are serious about the game of disc golf, you have to keep learning – every round and even every day. is dedicated to helping you learn the game so keep an eye out for new posts!

Use for all of your resources

Don’t forget to keep checking out for anything and everything disc golf.

Subscribe to disc golf blogs

Disc golf blogs like and are great blogs to follow if you want to learn more about disc golf.

get on email lists for Innova Discs, Infinite Discs, and other disc golf sites for good deals

Those first two sites, as well as like 20 other disc golf sites, have email lists where they constantly send out deals for discs and other gear.

Hit up the local sporting goods store or disc golf store for deals

Dicks Sporting Goods, Academy Sports, and Play it Again Sports are my favorite places to find discs outside of the internet. If you have any of those nearby, check them out.

Join community forums

Community forums are a really cool way to link up with local players, learn rules more in-depth, and ask questions you may want answers on in more detail. and’s disc golf forum has a great online forum presence.

Double check stuff online

Be weary about everything you hear. Most people only try to help, but there are some that are “know-it-alls,” even if they don’t know everything. Any fact or rule that you are unsure about can be checked online by searching google, or

Find a mentor

To continue your learning and take your game to the next level, find a mentor that has some experience with the game. Mentors are one of the best ways to really improve and start to master the game like you want to. Our post, “7 Reasons Why You Need a Mentor in Disc Golf,” should help you out with this.

Ask questions

If you want to learn more about disc golf, don’t be afraid to ask questions. There are those of us that will always teach and many more who definitely want to help answer any questions you have.